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Alternate exercises...

I was wondering what alternate exercises I should do for the following.

T Bar rows
Seated Rows
Upright Rows
Leg Press

You could do some sort of deadlift. Seems to cover all the bases as those exercises. Try deadlifts with various sorts of grips - clean, mixed, snatch. For quad effect you could add hack squats. For upper body focus I think sternum chin-ups would work very well.

Good luck

Adam Marshall

Im not sure what you mean my alternate exercises. Do you mean different exercises for those muscle groups ie exercises to replace those. Or exercises that you would alternate with the exercises you mentioned if you were supersetting? ie t bar row alternated with a bench press chins with military press?

I need some exercises that I could substitute in and hit the same muscle groups.

I’m starting the Growth Surge Project Part 2 tomorrow.

Substitutions? Uh, ok.

T-Bar Rows: Bentover BB rows, Corner Rows, One arm rows, seated rows-any kind of row

Chin-ups: Lat Pulldowns-any exercise where you’re pulling you’re extending at the shoulder

Seated Rows: See the T-Bar example

Upright Rows work both the delts and traps. In other words, military press variations and lateral raises along with shrugs, cleans, high pulls, etc.

Leg Press: Squats! Maybe add in some leg extensions or lunges to finish the quads off

If you don’t mind me saying so, if you don’t know which muscle groups you’re hitting with these exercises, then you likely aren’t ready for the GS Project, let alone pro-hormones.

I wasn’t planning on using ph with the program.

I don’t have a lat pulldown machine, unfortunately, and I didn’t want to just do 9 sets of BB rows.

I’m already going to do 4 sets of squats on the leg day. I will just do lunges, I have no idea why I didn’t think of that, lol.

Mainly I was just looking to see what you guys would recommend in substitution, since your the experts. :wink:

I assume you’re training at home. Tell us what you have for equipment and we’ll do some brainstorming

I don’t have that much really, just adjustable dumbells and barbells and a pretty good weight bench with leg extension/curl.

I’ve decided on all except the chinup and seated row.

If you’ve got a doorway, you can do chinups. Also, barbell and DB pullovers are great for the lats.

Doorway eh? Thats a pretty good idea, thanks. :slight_smile: