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Alternate exercises due to injury

While playing frizbee on a beach I stepped on a sharp rock and I ripped a chunk of flesh (mostly callus) out of the heel of my left foot. I can’t put any pressure on it. The program I was about to start included squats, leg presses, and deadlifts. These would be very hard (if not impossible) to do. Can any one suggest alternate exercises that may be used as alternatives? I can put pressure on my toes but not my heel.

Also, does anyone know a good way to help the healing process quickly? I need to build the callus back up. My hockey season starts very soon.

Just about every quad and posterior chain exercise that I do or have ever done involves putting significant weight on my heels, either through spreading my heels apart for squats, sitting back on good mornings etc. Have you considered insoles of some sort, pads or anything that you could use to help support your injured heel while at the same time supporting it? Gelled insoles, even corn pade, the big ones that would encompass the injury and reduce pressure on it? I hate to think you’ll need to forgo any of the lifts you want to do, but you might need to lighten up the weight or at the very least modify your form a bit. Good luck and please let us know what you end up doing, if anything.

The only leg exercises I know that don’t apply heel pressure are leg curls and leg extensions. These can be good supplemental exercises in some programs, but I wanted to do a strength program and these exercises will not be very effective. I doubt that there are any strength programs that don’t include squats or deadlifts.

Would it be dangerous to try squats or deads while attempting to put all the pressure on my toes?

jmv, that’s be tricky for deads. However, what about putting a plate under your heels for squats? This would transfer some of the pressure off your heels and might help, although loading might still be challenging if pain is still present. Pull throughs would be a posterior chain exercise you could still likely do. These rely on low weight, high reps and will definitely work your lower back, glutes and hams thoroughly with minimal pressure on your heels.

glute-ham raises, reverse hypers, good mornings and st leg dls if you keep your calves flexed or find a good way to dangle your heels

IMO, tough it out, no shit.
I had a giant plantar wart cut out of my heel a few months ago, walking really hurt but I still squatted and deadlifted. Plus, the best way to get the sking to grow back is to “wear” on it, like calluses, keep lifting and they keep coming back.

jmv, sorry to hear 'bout the accident.

Re supplementation that will support healing, start with the basics. Make sure you’re getting enough protein, EFAs, specifically flaxseed oil which is anti-inflammatory. A good 3-a-day multi-vitamin is in order. Hopefully all of the things above are a part of your day-to-day regimen.

From there, pick up the anti-oxidants, specifically Vitamin C (1g each meal), which is also a limiting factor in collagen and connective tissue synthesis, Vitamin E (800 IU) and alpha-lipoic acid, 50 mg every other meal) which regenerates Vitamins C & E, extending their useful life.

MSM will help with pain and inflammation, but will also help with the repair of connective tissue. Try 1g per meal. Also throw in some Bromelain and Wobenzyme, both of which are proteolytic enzymes (Wobenzyme is a complex/combo) that will help with protein turnover and repair. You can get pretty aggressive on the Wobenzyme. Start at the dosage recommended on the bottle (3 times a day) and slowly increase up to 10 tablets x 3.

Good luck to you, and I hope you heal quickly!!!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me your suggestions. I’ll take them and try figure out a good structured supplementation/training program plan.