Alternate Between Nebido and Cypionate?

Hi all. Would like to get some feedback once again. Wondering if I could alternate between Nebido and Cypionate? I sub-q pin 4 times a week.

Any feedback appreciated. Thank you!

Individual shots, or a few weeks on one then on the other? You would get a drop in Total T after about a week that would persist for a month or so, then start to level out. Depending on the dose, you night not notice a difference, or you might hate life.

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The only guys that take Nebido is guys thay can’t get T cyp or T E

Thanks for the response. I live in South America and have little to no access to reliable test. I’m now only able to get Nebido. I was taking something that was supposed to be cypionate which if so, was either very diluted or fake. So, now the plan is to switch to Nebido, which is from a Pharmacy and legit. So I wanted to continue the sub-q protocol say 4 times a week. That’s where I’m at. Any insight or opinions would be greatly appreciated

Sorry about the late reply, I’m out of town and not on much. I am in Central America and can get pharma cyp or enanthate everywhere. I think you’d have to do a loading shot and then go weekly until you get up to level. Divide the shot as if it’s a month’s worth in each vial and you’ll have to play it by ear…

I’ve since found out that the cypionate I’ve been for the last month was fake. The only thing I know of that is legitimate is Nebido. I really don’t want to get an IM every 6-10 weeks. I want to sub-q weekly. I’m happy with that protocol. Will this work with Nebido? If not, do you have any sub-q Nebido protocol suggestions?

Thanks for your responses.

Nebido takes a lot longer to get to level. You can divide it up and dose however you want like cyp or enan, its a single ester so it’s flexible that way.

Great thank you so much for sharing the knowledge. I’ll start the Nebido and do the same sub-q protocol of 140 per week. Just wanted to know if that was possible to do. I don’t mind if it takes longer to get level, as long as it will work that way.

sustanon, testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate (typically compounded)

Hi Unreal. I’m not sophisticated enough with TRT to understand what that means to be honest. Would you mind elaborating?

Nebido E10D = roughly cyp E3D.

Just choose something between E3D to E10D with your Nebido and be happy. Undecanoate has half life of ~21d. If I would be you I would frontload the Nebido (1 big shot im), then continue with subq.

Use roidcalc to calculate how much is needed for frontloading and remember Nebido’s ~21d half life.

Got a plan for bringing a suitcase home? HaHa

I had to make an emergency trip to the US.Its not impossible to bring stuff. LOL

Since you are injecting so often you won’t even notice the difference between the 2.

No need to front load the Nebido, they recommend that for people who are not on T at the moment, and truthfully its a crazy idea.

I have big issues with how Nebido is directed to be taken across the atlantic, a 1400mg booster shot and then a shot every 10 weeks? Recipe for disaster.

But it is not the Nebido is that bad, it is the dosing schedule. I actually prefer testosterone undecanoate, cause then I can inject every 10 to 14 days. Problem is, here in the US you can’t get it and if you could you would be limited to their absolutely ridiculous dosing profile.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much! And to everyone here who has given insight. It’s quite confusing for a novice like myself. So what it boils down to is that I’m doing 150 mg of Nebido per week, just daily subcutaneous shots. Doing the same protocol with cypionate worked well for me. So if Nebido should essentially do that same thing using that protocol, then I’ll be thrilled. I’ve been doing it for three weeks now. I’m guessing it might take a bit longer to affect the way I feel and look. Not the same energy that I had with cypionate, as of yet. And not the same superficial affect on my body yet either. Libido ditto. So I assume it might take a touch longer but it’ll eventually get there. Anyway, good enough to hear yourself and a few others say that what I described, should be okay.

I have no experience with Nebido but as long as you trust your source you should be fine.

You could go EOD for -50% less injections. With 21d half life you wont notice the difference!

I am happy for you for trusting to dodge that every 10-12 week bullshit and be a big boy!

TT, im in the exact same scenario. Cypionate 1 a week for 2 yrs but moved to south america and can’t locate any. Forced to go on Nebido. Do you take a Arimidex? Any advice on your findings would be extremely helpful