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Alternate Affordable Fish Caps

Hey guys, I’ve been searching the forum for quality fish oil caps and I’ve run into a problem. I don’t have access to Member’s Mark caps. Are there any other affordable but potent fish oil caps on the market? I know about some of the others, but Member’s Mark is such a great deal. There is a Kirkland brand at Costco and the Wal-mart brand (no member’s mark there either). I also have access to a BJ’s but am not sure what their product is. So how about it, where can I get a quality fish oil capsule product inexpensively? Thanks!

Check out puritan.com. (500) 1 gram (180mg EPA/120mg DHA) gel caps for $13.30. Buy (4) and you even get free shipping.

Thanks, will do, any others for comparison?

Check out Kilosports.com, I think they have good prices on their fish oil caps.

Even with the poor convertion (~30% EPA/DHA), flaxseed oil gives you a greater bang for your buck then fish caps.

Members Mark, Bj’s, Costco, Walmart are all the same caps, just different bottle and label. I work for an OTC drug manufacturer, and we supply all of those stores. So there is no difference between the Bulk store brands.

If flax has such a weaker conversion rate, why are they a better bang than fish oil, which does not have to convert

Here’s a quote from JMB’s article:

One Tablespoon of Flax

Saturated Fat — 1.5 g

Monounsaturated Fat — 2.5 g

Polyunsaturated Fat — 9.5 g

Omega 3 — 7.5 g

EPA/DHA — 0.0 g

Omega 6 — 2.0 g

Since we know that the main omega 3 fatty acids in flax (linolenic acid) can be converted to DHA/EPA in the body, it’s reasonable to suggest using flax oil to ensure some EPA/DHA production. The only problem is that the conversion rate of linolenic acid to DHA/EPA is pretty low. Theoretical estimates have been made at about a 25% to 35% conversion.

End Quote
If you do the math you still get 1.9-2.5 grams of
EPA/DHA per tablespoon of flax oil. Fish caps contain about 200mg (thats MILLI grams) of EPA/DHA per 1000mg capsule. In other words it takes about ten caps to make 1 TBL of flax. A TBL= 15ml. Calculate how many caps (and cost) it would take to equal one bottle of flaxseed oil.

costcos about the same as puritans, also 180/120 split per cap, it has 300 caps for bottle. A bottle is somewhere around 7 bucks maybe closer to 10, i dont remember

So you’re saying that Costco’s Kirkland brand and Walmarts Sun-whatever are the same as Member’s Mark?

Is there any reason to take a fish oil that has a higher ratio of EPA/DHA to total fish oil? What is the rest of the fat that is not EPA/DHA? I know you’re supposed to get 6-10g of fish oil per day, but how much EPA/DHA?
I’m confused.

I’m believe JMB recommended 6-10 grams of EPA/DHA. Not to be mistaken with SIMPLY grams of fish oil.