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Alternate/Additional Recovery Methods


Regarding things like deep tissue massages, sauna/spa visits/days, acupuncture, etc. which do you think are the best methods of recovery and when should they be done? IE: The day of the workout, the day after the workout, 3 days after the workout, etc. My insurance covers deep tissue massages for free so it’s something I am definitely looking to take advantage of. What is your take on going to the sauna/spa and acupuncture? I do like going to the spa but I am not sure if it really helps with recovery or not. I’ve read things such as a deep tissue massage a few hours after a workout helping recovery, but then I’ve read that it would be better 2-3 days after when the muscles are relaxed, etc. I get a lot of different information on both forums and internet articles, so I’d like to try and get something a little more conclusive here if you can help. Thanks!