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Altering the 5/3/1 Plan for Individuality

I’ve been doing a couple strength plans for a while and I was wondering if I changed some accessory movements say, from dumbell press to a decline dumbell and 1 arm row to a barbell row will I see results as these movements I have been doing for a long time and I reckon that’s why my Deadlift has gone up because I never did Good Mornings before I was thinking…

Changing chin ups to have the last set as failure then when I feel I can do a lot more I will add weight and start setting new records (Same for dips as I am quite new to them)

Changing Bench day accessories to a Decline Dumbell Press and a Barbell Row with the same peroidization method as mentioned above

And I may change leg press to split squats and have the same reps scheme as compounds where the last set is amrap?

Do you think this is a good idea I think changing it would help a lot as I was struggling to do a 100kg deadlift a couple months back and now I reckon it’s around 140kg at least, obviously de load week I won’t do AMRAP on anything.

Dude, it’s assistance. Do whatever.


Yeah spending too much time worrying about what assistance lifts you’re going to do is a good way to mess yourself up. Just pick some lifts from each category and see if they help your main lifts. If they don’t, try something else. I will say that decline presses of any kind are usually a waste of time. Dips are a vastly superior option to those.


The original excersize was Dumbell Press, I do dips in the plan already and wanted to focus on something with a pressing motion, what about incline?

It’s not that important. Do whatever keeps you in line with your goals, present conditioning, yadida etc.

^ What they said. Find your weak points in the main lifts and do assistance to target those weak points. It will be a while before your weak points are no longer weak points, so continue doing the assistance exercises that help you fight those the most for a long time.

My two cents

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This wendler stuff is so amasing, when you get it.
Put ALL, and I mean ALL effort into the main lift.
When you have given everything in that final set.
Put a lot in your FSL set, you will be tired here.
Then when assistance comes, if you feel like you have to push things here. You haven’t pushed the main lift enough.
As said it’s assistance.


Yes incline would be superior to decline.

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My lower chest sort of lacks wouldn’t decline help that or would incline still work all areas of my chest.

Incline will work your shoulders more than decline would which is a good reason to pick it over decline. Decline isn’t a bad choice, but if you get strong on an incline bench, I can almost guarantee that you’ll see carryover to your flat bench. It’s helped me a lot in the past, dumbbells or barbell, doesn’t matter

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