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Altering New Cycle


I have been bodybuilding for a few years now. I have have , like everyone, played with my mixtures. What has worked great I the past did work fine but as my knowledge of my body and chemicals broadens I explore.my question is, I have for years stacked deca and test..sometimes sustanon sometimes cyp.i have done them all.for the past year or so my stack was 1000mg week test and 500mg week deca.usually done every 3 days .

that works fine but I realize its on the high end but again , I am not new to this. I have been using insulin for about a year also.after learning about what worked best for me I have it down for the most part.i cycle 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off so as to not be come diabetic on 10 ius post workout only .with massive amounts of carb intake with it of course.ok back to my question.how will my body react to dropping the dosage im use to to maybe 700mg test and 500mg deca with hgh 4ius everyday and insulin 10iu post every day..

diet is great 4000 calories very very clean.right now im off and trying to drop body fat so no carbs besides my post with insulin ..I need some experienced feedback please.im 40.. 10% bf 200lbs 5'8" solid muscle..can someone tell me if I need to keep my test dosage higher or dropping it will still get good results


was your dose 1000 test + 500 deca x3 a week? or was that your weekly dose?

you should still be able to grow on 500 test and 500 deca + 4iugh and 10iu insulin (assuming Humalog?)

you can become diabetic from hgh use too btw..


well injecting every 3 days so that dosage is ruffly 350mg test and 250 mg deca every 3 days plus hgh 4 ius ed and 10 ius Humalog post workout..but do you think I will get better results than just the 1000mg test and 500mg deca a week?and considering im dropping my usual dosage will my body not react to it because its so use to a higer dosage?>


Which is why I pin my hgh at 4am no where near food intake


Would food intake matter if we're talking about hGH? I was under the impression that GH would still cause an increase in blood sugar, food or not. Are you avoiding taking it with food to try and blunt the insulin response?


I pin just before bed which is only a couple hours after my last meal and well about the same time I eat cottage cheese I don't have any issues with my blood sugar or retaining any fat off my diet is basically fat free. And I pin insulin after my training..had great results with this .my only concern is the dropping my usual dosage of test from 1000mg a week to 700mg a week.hope I still get the gains