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Alter Egos, Who Are You?


Okay, how many of you out there have at least two different login names that you use, or have used at least a few times?

I made up one other one, only to add more low ratings to a thread in the political forum ONCE.

I know Will Heffernan (sp) has about 80.

Anyone know of someone else's alter egos?


sometimes I post as slimjim


I knew it!




I'm still and always will be "chinadoll" here. Plus, someone very close to me used to call me that, so it's a term very near to my heart. :slight_smile:

I do have an alterego on myspace: "NekkidPineapple", and I love to promote being Nekky Nekky (it's the inner streaker in me-- hahaha...ok, I've never streaked down Waikiki wearing my fuzzy boots and cowboy hat, nor down the Vegas Strip in my sparkly camo hat and boots, but in my dreams I have!) Just kidding.

Nekkid Pineapple means a lot of things. First of all, my pineapple has no clothes on. He doesn't even have an eyes, nose or mouth. He does have a poky, out of control hairstyle, though. But he's nekky and needs a wardrobe. Luckily we live in a warm climate so he doesn't have to worry about shrinkage or protruding nips. But one of these days, I'll pick up a Mr. Potatohead kit and do Mr. Nekkid Pineapple right and give him a face and ears, maybe even a hat and bowtie.

I know, I'm a weirdo sometimes. All the weirdness has to do with my pineapple partner.

Aloha a hui hou everyone!


I also post as Varqanir.

I didn't want anyone to know I didn't have a boyfriend.


I agree with belligerent.


LOL!!!! Sab, you loser.


Wait a second...I thought you were my alter ego!

I'm so confused. And who are all these guys with shaved heads in my house?


Sometimes I post as Professor X.


Sometimes I post as Oogie.


I am also DB Hammer.

Can I interest you in some Inno-Sport training or have you thought about selling Amway?


Back before you actually had to log into the forum with a permanent uid and pw I probably had a different uid everytime I posted.

Afterwards I maybe had 2, but since then I've always stuck to the current handle.


What you don't understand is that the only way for me to get any intellectually stimulating argument on this board is for me to argue with myself. So to this end I am forced to use a number of different names and alias's.


Personally I find people posting under multiple user names pathetic. I have never understood why people here feel the need to hide behind some sort of poorly constructed fascade.


Before I wrote professionally, I posted here and elsewhere (on steroid forums) as "hooker"...

If I still post under the "hooker" name anywhere, it's because I didn't register there before I was earning a living at writing about steroids.

Once most board owners found out that "hooker"= "Anthony Roberts" they usually changed over my screen name for me.


Oh my god, ive been posting for six months and only just realised you could rate threads, that damn button is SO SMALL.


Is it true that you also post under the name Bill Llewellyn?

Are you called 'hooker' because you'd do anything for money?


This Will Heffernan guy...is he the dude that was shamelessly on here getting people to post questions regarding his evolutionary and insightful SHIT system?

Do you think you'd be able to name all his alias's? I heard that he actually has 5? Is this true and if so do you think you'd be able to name them so we can watch out for this 'dirty birdie'?


I know of another BASTARD on here who has at least 4. It took me a while to figgure out his most recent one.

I'm still wondering who Tim Phoenix is! lol