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Alt. Training for Martial Arts

Lets kick some ideas for martial arts cross training that do not involve the weight room, conjugation, subjugation, bullet proof shoulders, acronyms, homonyms, mondegreens, random number or letter sequences, workouts that are trade marked or patented, or make any promises. Just training ideas that might make someone go “wow, thats a really cool idea”

I am thinking of interesting things THAT YOU HAVE ACTUALLY DONE, and have worked for you, or at the very least are planning on doing. Please don’t waste all of our time citing things you heard about, saw in a magazine, read on a box of corn flakes, ect.

My purpose: Add things to my workout repotoire that are new, fun and functional.

And please, share what you got, and if someone says that being a greeter at Wal-Mart was their cross-training, whatever, no critics please. I mean if you wanted to add patience to your bjj game, that would be a way to do it.

Post like this
Your Martial Art
Work out name
What I you to accomplish
How long you did it
How did it help
Your thoughts
Sample Workout

My examples
My sport: Brazilian Jiujitsu
Cross sport:Rock climbing/bouldering (I was very gravitationally challenged)
I wanted to increase my core and grip strength, and overall cardio during 8 min matches

I climbed for about 2 years concurrenly with BJJ

It was great for the strength and cardio, and really helped with my flexibility. It also helped me really focus on my weight distribution

In my mind it had one of the highest cross-over benefits for BJJ. I stopped because I moved, and I am thinking about picking it up again.

I would try and climb and climb every V-0 on the bouldering wall, followed by every V-1, then V-2 without stopping. If I fell off a problem I would move on to the next.

Cross-sport: Very very modifed Parkour/free running.
I wanted to improve my cardio/core/agility/balance

My parkour career lasted maybe 6 months

It greatly improved my coordination and agility. I quit because it got too wet continue, and never picked it up. Im and planning on adding some parkour drillis into my workout after my next comp and through the off-season.

When I was 260 I used to run in the trails in the hills near my house, and I would basically freestyle off any object on the path… 360s of tree stumps, bounding over boulders, and what ever I could think out. Sometimes I would do 3/4 sprints through sage brush.

Parkour workout… and yes I made my own agility ladder

Agility Work- Mark a 10-rung ladder on the floor, each rung 12-18 inches apart. Perform the following agility drills as a circuit, repeat 2-3 times:

High Knees, one step per-block

High Knees, two steps per-block

Side-step, two steps per-block

High Knees, backwards, one step per-block

Butt-kicks, one step per-block

Burpee/Quadrapedal Movement- Perform 5-count burpees, one count for each movement, in control. After 3, perform :30-1:00 of random, varied quadrapedal movement

Your Martial Art-
Submission wrestling
Mixed Martial Arts

Cross-training method of choice-
Fuckin fat chicks

What you use it to accomplish/How did it help-

parkour & capoeira:
flexibility, agility, coordination, rhythm, helps in the stunt-world, keeps long distance running from being boring.

Fuckin fat chix:
work guard passes, mount escapes, maximal lifting, strongman training, drill taking the back, twat GnP, etc.

How long you did it-

parkour…since 2001-ish
capoeira… on and off since 2004
fuckin fat chicks… since i met your mom.

Your thoughts-

all are fun excellent workouts with tremendous crossover if you need something to break the monotony of training.

Sample Workout-

parkour: free run, i was a gymnast so i can still do some basic tumbling shit, front/back handsprings, round off series, aerials, butterfly twists etc…

capoeira: roda, sometimes try to catch a class somewhere great way to meet hot women if you choose the right area (mostly hollywood).

fuckin fat chix: Beer has carbs, you need your carbs, and I heard a doctor say that 1 beer a day is good for you*… so if one is good for you then 10 is even better…its math. can’t dispute that. after a series of preworkout carb loading, i work on a lil bit of strongman lifting, carrying her fat ass to the bedroom/barn. From here i start working to positional advantage, luckily for me my opponent is pretty slippery from all the KFC oil on her fingers/2nd chin/ tricep flaps… makes arm drags hard but i manage. I get a few modified burpee/pelvic thrusts in for cardio and i work between those and some speed bag work on her massive hangers interval style.

*i am basing this on absolutely nothing.

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:

Fuckin fat chix:
work guard passes, mount escapes, maximal lifting, strongman training, drill taking the back, twat GnP, etc.


I substitute drunk chicks. I like the emphasis on the explosive movements needed to clean them from the floor onto your shoulders, constant work to break the clinch, and arm drag to avoid projectile vomit.

i like to work with opponents out of my weight class often time the fat chix are hungry too so i need to avoid biting… which is excellent preparation for the impending zombie apocalypse as well. I’ll be ready for Z-day, will you?

-----------</end thread hijack>-------

Blocking th jab and cross with the same hand…you parry the jab across your body while following the hand with your head and settin up a slip. Counter with a uppercut under the armpit or a liver shot.


Ah… wonderful. I love capoeira. I don’t like fat chicks, but as Dave Tate says “sometimes you got to do the things you hate”.