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ALT Levels (Alanine aminotransferase)

Sorry this is long?OK, got some blood work done in Aug, because I was ill, and my ALT enzymes in the liver came back high. In fact they were at 120! So the doc told me to come back in a few weeks and have another test taken. Well I finally did. This time the ALT(Alanine aminotransferase) is at 126 now. Of course they ran a test for Hepitius C, which came back negative. And I am getting an ultra sound Next week. I have read every single thing I can possibly find on the ALT, and it looks like there are different things that casue this to be elevated. In fact muscle trauma cause do it, but that seems like the last thing on Doct?s mind. I don?t drink, no drugs, and I?m 22 years old. From what I have read, when an organ or body tissue is injured, increased levels of ALT are released into the blood. The greater the degree of tissue damage, the greater the degree of ALT that is released. OF course the medical industry uses this as an indicator of liver damage because of the fact that this is where it is in its highest concentration. Now, I now that a few of you have had similar Problems with high liver enzymes, and I would appreciate it if anyone could share their knowledge.

Would it be possible for consistant consumption of Glutimine, 5g a day for like a year or so, could increase ALT? I know ALT has something to do with production of glutimate, so i figured there may be a relationship. I have also read that rapid growth can increase it. I have put on 25lbs in the past year while only increaseing my boby fat by 2%. This is definalty rapid growth. I follow a diet called The Metobolic diet for powerlifters.