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Alright, Let's Try This Again...

I recently posted about a test prop/masteron prop cycle for 8 weeks. Well going on several recommendations I’ve decided to throw some tren in with it, so now my cycle looks like:

weeks 1-8: test prop 100mgs EOD
weeks 1-8: masteron prop 100mgs EOD
weeks 1-8: tren 100mgs EOD

Now I know about masteron having good anti-e properties so I have my PCT structured properly for that with some nolva and hcg that i have on hand…

So my new question is involving the tren. I know that tren can lead to progesterone induced gyno, but from what i understand, that goes away when the use of the tren stops.

I’ve taken tren before and had a very minor incident with it, but I want to avoid that at all costs if possible. I’m not exactly sure what to take or how to take it to stop tren induced gyno…any recommendations? Thanks for all your help guys.

Two things.
[1] Tren Ace is highly recommended as an ED rather than an EOD. I know you’ve used it before but I’d choose 50mg ED over 100mg EOD personally.

[2] Since you’ve already had some gyno issues with Tren and since things like Nolva are ineffective with nor-19 gynos your best [only] choice is Letro. Some might say overkill but it really is the best fit for your situation.