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Alright for Fighting? UFC Fight Night Features Covington v. Woodley

Woo boy! This is not going to be friendly!

Back when Woodley was WW champ, I liked his odds of defending against Covington. But looking at recent performances from both fighters, I won’t be surprised if Covington finishes him within three.

Thoughts? Also looking forward to seeing the much-hyped Chimaev. They’ve already booked him to fight Demian Maia after this, which seems a bit presumptuous to say the least. But lets see what he’s got against Meerschert tonight.

That was a solid card.

I know Tyron Woodley is 38 but I have hard time believing age has caught up to him in these last couple fights. He just doesn’t’ seem hungry anymore.

I wanted Chimaev to get blasted into another dimension. For personal reasons. But he blasted Gerald into another dimension. But Demian and Gerald are not even comparable. So thats a more interesting match up to me.

Also very disappointed Cowboy didn’t get the W. But at least he didn’t get an L. I love the dude but he really should consider taking a step back. I would say go to Bellator but first I doubt the UFC would let him go because he is such a draw and secondly their light weight division is pretty stacked these days as well.

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