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Alright, Another Routine Critique


Been lifting about a year. Started with Starting Strength, moved on to a couple Waterbury programs. While I am stronger, I'm not growing as much as I would like. I feel I need a program that mixes up things a little, with a little less frequency as far as how often I work each body part weekly. My goal is to add size and strength. I'm 6-4 at 205, about 14% bf. This is what I'm thinking:

Flat bench-3x5
Incline db bench-3x10-12
Standing military press-3x5
Lateral raises-3x10-12

Weighted pull ups-3x5
Db rows-3x10-12
Rear delt. raise-3x10-12
Bb curls-3x10-12

With this routine, I figure I can lift heavy with some higher rep volume on the secondary lifts. I'll lift three days a week switching between A and B, hitting each muscle group every four to five days.

Thanks in advance if you have anything to add or change.


I'm not crazy about this routine.


x2 ...


Would you mind expanding on that just a little please?


How about the Texas Method or Starr 5x5? I am just starting Wendler's 5/3/1 which has a good mix of core strength with many bodybuilding templates for the accessory lifts. PM me if you want to see the spreadsheet.

Nice job guys. I'm one that thinks if you don't like something, at least say why.


It just gets tiring to type out the same obvious things again and again in every second thread on here. There is a beginners forum for this, too.
Not a knock on the op either... You just came after a lot of people with similar questions...


CC, you have been more than helpful in about every area of this website, so I had some preconceived idea of how you would normally respond. Just caught you on an off day.

But yes, this is a Beginner's forum type of question.


Thanks, brother.

I actually don't read the beginners forum... I always tell myself "ok, so today I'll go and check how things are going in there and whether the advice is any good"... But in the end there's too much other stuff to do :confused:


If you to do an A/B program why not try Hepburns programs ?

Size/Strength i did it many times always works :slight_smile:




             Bench Press




               Bench Press




               Bench Press



Thanks to those who gave constructive advice rather than taking time to type something semi-negative.