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Already Squatting the Whole Rack


No, I'm not lying, neither am I bragging. Because the "whole rack" is 100 pounds of plates in my home's basement that I use as a gym. Now that I am able to squat this staggering load over a whopping 12 times without failure, however, I don't know what to do with this lift next. If I continue to add reps for progression eventually it will become even more of a grind than the treadmill. Right now I'm squatting three times a week.

I have no time during the week to go down to the actual gym to workout except on the weekend.

Note: It's the same story with deadlifts, too.

Note 2: You can see the attached screenshot of a spreadsheet I made, that should clarify what I'm trying to say a little better. I mention "pull-ups" there too, because I would do those at the gym as well (don't have a high enough bar to do it at home)

Note 3: Should say "Bent-over row", not just "row"

So, would it be better to move the squat and deadlift lifts to being done once a week so that I could increase the weight on them at the gym? Or is it too little frequency?


Option #1 - Buy more plates (yard sales can be awesome).

Option #2 - Do them at the gym like you said. The question of frequency is highly individual and can only be answered by trial and error.

Option #3 - Get creative. How many reverse lunges can you do with 100lbs? How about 1-legged DL's? Front squats?

Option #4 - Combine Options 1,2+3. At some point, you'll need more weight anyway. Go with #2 and #3 until you can swing #1


option 1.5 -CRAIGSLIST ~ bought tons of plates from that site. Theres some many private gyms closing. Can get them pretty cheap!


Thank you! I'll replace squats with lunges M-W-F and then do squats on Saturday and see where it takes me.


you could also try to incorporate some split squats - mix it up a bit til you get your extra plates


Also superset the squat with lunge OR 20 rep squats. Ever do front squats? You could also increase your overall volume. Do three or five sets of 10 if one is "easy".


Yeah I answered an Ad from a gym and got all my plates for 0.30 per LB.


I actually do seven :stuck_out_tongue: I rest a lot between the sets though, probably about 90-120 seconds. The squat/lunge supersetting sounds fun though, I'll try that.

Thank you all, this is really helpful!


try bulgarian split squats. They will dominate you. Probably won't even need weight, or maybe just empty bar.


Definately single leg work.

You could also switch over to dynamic work as well, like jump squats/lunges.

20 rep breathing squats after a set of lunges.

Like others said, just get creative.