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Already Shutdown?


I did a cycle that ended in May of Test/Trenazone/Superdrol with good gains. I was shut down fairly hard and still was not 100% after PCT. Well, its after finally feeling like I had recovered, it has been two months after PCT, and I decided to do an Epistane cycle (I know, why so early? Why not test? etc...that's another subject).

I am 2 DAYS into a 60 mg/day Epi cycle and my balls are already shrunk. Prior to cycle, my balls had some loose skin? Was I still shut down? I was a beast in the gym, libido and energy back, etc.

Consequently, I am aborting cycle. I was an idiot for doing this, I know, but I honestly felt like I was recovered as I have done three cycles. I know blood work should have been done.

My questions:
1. Was my pct not successful due to me taking Nolva and it interfering with Celexa? I know Celexa is not supposed to interfere but I have my doubts.

  1. If I do a proper Clomid pct, should I recover? I didn't lose too much from the cycle, and like I said, I was experiencing all the symptoms of recovery i.e. hard dick, horny, energy levels, strength gains, etc. I just don't want to be permanently shut down.

Thoughts? (I know, I am an idiot)