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Already on TRT Might as Well Go on Full Bike Ride. Any Advice?

As the title says Im already on trt for life and I am okay with that. Since I’ll never produce hormones naturally I might as well get the most out of it and go on a full bike ride. I plan on starting personal training in 2 weeks and my goal is to get shredded. My question is what would be good to use for a 4 month cut? Im currently on 200mg/week of test cyp. I have been on trt for about 4-5 months now and on this particular dose for about 3-4 weeks. I have literally no side effects and the higher in dose I go, the better I feel. Im currently 6’2 250 trying to get to 200 by March. What would be a good cutting protocol?

50lbs in 3 months?

It would be 4 months. I tend to lose/gain extremely fast naturally, so can only imagine on gear. I went from 300-240 in about 4-5 months just dieting and with extremely low t. I plan on dieting/ training and riding a bike this time around. I feel like I can achieve another 50lbs lost in 4 months easily.

Since you’re looking to recomp right now I think I’d let the trt do its job and just diet and train.
Even if it takes until April or May, those last few pounds can be slow to come off, that’s what I’d do. Then after you’re comfortable with you’re trt dose and what it can do, you could run a cycle to bulk up.

Also how old are you and how long were you at 300? You may have some loose skin issues after a 100lb drop in like 9 months.

Im 24 and I was probably sitting at 300 for about 6 months. That’s the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I didn’t realize I was that big until I bought a scale. I hold my weight well and im tall so when I tell people how much weight I’ve lost they always say “when were you ever 300lbs?” Anyway, I have had concerns of loose skin. Fingers crossed im lucky and I dont get it, but if I do im prepared to get surgery for it.

Ok cool, 6 months at your age it shouldn’t be a huge deal, if you were 44 and you’'d been there for a decade, it’d be a different story.

So here’s my thinking use your trt dose to get dow to where you want to be for spring & summer come fall, if you still want to, run a blast to pack some muscle on then cut back down for the next spring summer. I think you’ll be surprised what your trt dose will do for you.

I think your better off focusing on either cutting or building than trying to straddle them. At least until you’ve done both successfully a couple of times.


Okay cool, I’ll stick to my trt dose for now. Really want to get shredded for the spring. Do you think losing 50lbs in 4-5 months is achievable? I plan on going really hard with the training and being as strict as I can on the diet.

Yes, it may be achievable with a lot hard work

30-40lbs is more realistic

I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks doing keto before I ever even knew what TRT was. It’s do-able. Losing that much that fast may mean losing a lot of muscle as well. TRT may help mitigate that. It’s all about diet. I’ve never done more than 5 mins of cardio at a time in my life. I now use keto when I need to cut. It works very well for me without much sacrifice in way of eating the shit I like to eat. You just need to figure out what works best for your body that you’re also able to stick with.

I second this completely. You have not been on TRT long enough to reap all the benefits yet. Also, I don’t like using high test when you’re already overweight. Cut down to a reasonable weight say less than 18% BF and then use the test to pack the muscle back on. Plus… you will have your TRT fully dialed in.


I’ll third the notion of just being on trt for a while longer and cutting. You will absolutely not regret it. Any muscle you spare now will pale in comparison to what you’ll gain when you use a blast to bulk.

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@blshaw @iron_yuppie
I don’t really bulk/cut in the traditional sense of doing one and then doing the other. I try to stay lean and gain what I can. I just don’t like the way I look when I gain fat. My question is… When cutting, obviously food intake is going to be different but do you adjust your routine at all (not talking about cardio just weights)? Just curious what goes into cutting besides calories/diet & cardio as far as lifting goes.

I’m not particularly skilled when it comes to cutting or nutrition for that matter. When I want to cut I simply eliminate my cheat nights and start walking 3 miles a couple days a week in addition to my normal lifting routine. I feel walking, while time consuming, is one of the best ways to preserve muscle while also burning calories. Bonus… it’s easy on the joints.

I’ve never been below 12-14% BF but also have no desire to work hard enough to get there.


I adjust calories and add more cardio. But my lifting routine is typically the same, or at least close. But I’m terrible at cutting because I like to eat and meal prep, although easy and more affordable, is not always possible when I’m in the mood for something specific. My downfall is lunch. Even if I bring something to the office I still feel compelled to leave the building at some point. So I end up getting food instead and it’s only healthy about half the time. My best days are when I bring breakfast, don’t eat it until noon, and then have my usual dinner after the gym. If I could do that five days a week I’d be 165lbs and shredded all year round. Buuuuuut I hate being hungry and my assistant hates me even more when I’m grumpy. So that’s that.

Lol literally everybody in the office knows I eat like a baby… every two hours. They know they better not let me get hangry. It’s pretty much the running joke and every meeting must involve food due to me. Hence… I’m not qualified to advise on cutting.

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