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Already on TRT But Endo Sucks


Yo, I hope somebody can point me in the right direction. I have been seeing an endo for hypogonadism for 4yrs now but she doesn't know shit and won't listen to anything I say. I told her about using HCG along with Testim so my balls don't shrink and she told me I didn't know what I was talking about.
Long story short I feel better sort of but I have no libido, have ED and can't lose weight unless I starve myself but I do maintain and build muscle pretty easy. Oh ya and thanks to her my nuts are the size of nuts now, hope it's reversible to a degree. Wish I had my numbers but I do not.

So I live in upstate NY and the Docs blow, if anybody could point me in the direction of a good Endo or Andrologist in or around the Syracuse area, that would be freakin great. I just want a doc who knows how to do TRT properly so I can get my life and shit back together and be the sexual T-rex I used to be lol.



What dose of TRT and what kind are you on?


You can't get your labs done on your own there, can you get to a labcorp draw station across a state line?

Can you post lab numbers? Estradiol aka E2 is important. Get and retain copies of your lab work.

You need to educate your doc and need to be able to explain that hCG is often used to replace lost LH levels that result from TRT. Low dose hCG, 250iu EOD is an HRT replacement dose for LH in terms of the resulting testicular response. This will preserve the testes, and will create a modest increase in serum T levels. Lack of LH receptor activating leads to the problems. If loss of fertility is a concern, then you really have a good reason to get in her face or walk.

You probably need to find a new doc. Are you using insurance to pay for things or out of pocket?


Where are you in NY? I have four people you can see, including my guy. He prescribes HCG or clomid when necessary. You shouldn't be seeing an endo when you can see an andrologist.


Sorry about that. I see you're upstate.