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Alphie Newman?


Here's a question that a fellow 'old timer' might be able to answer. Whatever happened to Alphie Newman? I've heard various stories ranging from that she was in a horrific car accident to that she took too much thyroid medication and bloated up like a balloon before bursting.

I remember her from the old Muscle Media days. Maybe TC knows the answer to this?


Who the hell is she? What was her claim to fame?


What, me worry?


Hahahah. That's what I was thinking too.

Btw, yeah, she popped like a baloon. Literally. The thyroid OD actaully causes the body to be filled with helium gas until the skin can no longer withstand any more pressure and the person explodes. I've seen this a dozen times, most recently with a great aunt this past Christmas. What a mess!



Close Zap, but more like this.

And Dave, she won something called the Galaxy contest which was a mix of bodybuilding and obstacle course/strength tests.



maybe it was his sister?


She was a stunner.

She was partly responsible for my chronic neck injury.

I was in the gym doing heavy military presses while she and a girl named Lisa Lorio were doing a photo shoot.

In-between shots, and right during my set, they started oiling up each other's thong-covered glutes.

I wrenched my neck so bad I had to stop the workout.

It still plagues me to this day.

Anyhow, the last time I saw her, she was indeed a chubby. It was supposedly from misusing thyroid.

The last I heard, she was living in Florida.


yeah i remember her and while we are at it TC what about Mia Finnigan, all of these chicks just dropped off the planet!


Damn that sucks DB...kind of like that guy in Big Trouble in Little China.. :slight_smile:


Hi guys. Does anybody knows how to get in touch with Alphie? Please PM me with her e-mail if you have it.


Lisa was a super cute brunette that also dropped out of sight after winning a few titles...Hope she did not meet the same fate...


I'm happy to say Lisa is alive and well! She's working as a probation officer, happily married, and has 2 adorable kids.

Lisa is one of the nicest and sweetest people I've ever met, with lots of Southern charm. (She's from Louisiana.)


Whew! Good news is hard to come by, so thanks ModL for the update!. Hope she still trains, what with working with criminals and such(!Last job I would have imagined for her!)...I always thought Lisa and Janet Tech, who competed on the same level, had physiques "ahead of their time", now with the advent of figure comp...


I know I'm late on this, but that sucks. It also isn't the first time I have seen someone turn into a fat ass after being in phenomenal shape from abusing thyroid hormone. You would think that would cause people to avoid it like the plague just because of the rebound potential but I guess not.

She was in one mag when I was a kid as being one of the youngest female bodybuilders expected to have the brightest future.

Also, it does make you wonder why she isn't on medication (thyroid hormone replacement)...or if she is, why she just let herself go.


The fact you have actually seen this as a pattern is truly scary...


Wasn't Alphie also powerlifting at 16 years old?

I've always wondered what became of her. She was such a stunner. I need to dig out my old MM2Ks and scan some photos.


It hasn't been many, but I do remember at least three people who have experienced this since I started training. One was a personal trainer who literally got ROUND (I don't mean "off season fat"...ROTUND) after screwing up his thyroid. I think many people are getting the message but you always have those willing to do anything that allows them to work less hard.


Yes, she had some rediculous numbers. Serious potential to take female lifting to another level because she was so naturally beautiful and not frighteningly masculine like this other woman in this thread.

I remember seeing Alphie in M&F in her powerlifting days and thinking no way she could be that strong.


With all due, does not look "frighteningly masculine" to me, after all, there was a reason she was paired with Alphie for the photo shoot TC observed...sleek and very similar to the current fitness competitors, getting "too big" was not their goal...


I disagree. Very masculine, especially that first picture you posted of her in the white dress.