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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


I think you can front load vit d with 10000 it a day. But maybe slow and steady better.

Glad you feel good. I to have d in low 30s. But I take 5000 iu only 2x a week. Multi that I take everyday has 700 iu.

I also take zinc picolinate 2x a week. I do days of injection that’s how I remember


Yea, with my past issues with the supplements and lowering e2, I think ill just take it daily at a regular dose. I was even thinking about just doing 2k, but Physio said I should take 5K because I was so low.


Good plan. In the summer I just take the multi usual. I live on east coast and am always out.


I had very low vd levels and took 5k a day as well. It barely moved after 3 months… I did move into the green but lower end. I’m curious if that’s good enough or like you I need to be towards normal high! I had no clue all these benefits awaited me with normal d levels thanks for sharing alpha and glad your doing well !!


I have a genetic issue with D so I take 10k IU a day all year round. All testing times show it in the 60s.

Yeah given your supp past go 5k then test a few months out and see where D is. The test is pretty cheap IIRC.


Yea that’s the plan. I am lucky, I get my labs at my job, and I can get them whenever I want, for free.

Honestly, even 5k is kinda scary for me, I DO NOT want to experience low e2 again. That’s why im following up in 2 weeks. Cant let It keep going low if it does affect it that much.


That’s fucking cool but I would have track marks.


LOL, I had to ask my Doc if she was getting annoyed with my constant asking for labs. She said naw.



1 week supplementing with 5000 IU of Vitamin D had the following effect on my E2 levels:

E2 on trough, before supplementing: 46 (felt great, very mild symptoms, emo occasionally)

E2 on PEAK, after 1 week on 5k vitamin D: 31 (burning knees, feeling “off” emotionally, quicker to anger) I just felt like something was wrong, and I was like “there is no way its my e2 , that would be way too fast” Well. I was right. And I’m glad I listened to my body.

This is exactly 7 days after starting. My trough e2 reading SHOULD be higher, so this is concerning.

I actually requested the test a week earlier than I was going to do because I felt that familiar “burning” in my knees. I only get that “burning” when my e2 dips. I felt it, and immediately knew something was wrong. I was also just “not myself” if anyone knows that feeling. I wasn’t “happy” and motivated like normal. Still was motivated, but something was off.

This might not look like a big deal, but it is for me. If I had kept on this course, I definitely think I would have crashed my e2 within a month.

Going to adjust fire. Let my e2 rise back up, then start at 1000 iu maybe 3 times a week. My PCP is very understanding and willing to order labs whenever I need. We both made the following plan together, however she was willing to adjust however I need.

@NH_Watts @charlie12 @systemlord @studhammer @unreal24278 General comments?

@physioLojik Dude, what the fuck is wrong with me? Currently on 50mg IM twice a week.





That must be how you crashed it last time.

I take 5000 iu 2x a week. Day of injection. And my d levels are low 30s.

Crazy that the d supp is causing this. I wonder what the mechanism is.

Am Leary to reduce my dose now. Cause I have 0 back pain. I soon as my e2 goes down I get back pain and every fucking joint clicks. And knees feel weak.


I know man, what the fuuuuuuuuuuuckkk!!!

At least I caught it. I cant imagine going into another low e2 hell hole.

So, the positive is that I know my knees are my true barometer.


See why I I didn’t take 10K to frontload? THIS IS WHY! LOL


My hate for supps is stronger now.

It fixes something and breaks other shit. Multi may be best.
I take extra zinc and d only 2x a week. Rest of days whatever in multi.

Also take 200 mg of magnesium at night. That’s it.

And you have allot of guys worried about shbg …:roll_eyes:

This community is obsessed with supps.



@alphagunner you need to provably bump your test dosage up a little. Can you send me a list of everything you’re taking


@physioLojik alphas d levels was in range but low end. What’s wrong with that?

Are their studies or based on your experience that d levels being higher are beneficial?


50mg Test Cyp Twice a week (100 a week) IM
Collagen Peptides (approx. 11g) QAM
Fish Oil (1gram total DHA/EPA)
Losartan 100mg

This is what I was taking, along with about 500iu of vitamin D, which only got me into the 32 range for vitamin D. Estrogen on this supplement list was 46 on non sensitive, on trough day.

Added 5000 IU for exactly 1 week. Retested e2 on what was my peak, and it came back at 31.

So a drop from 46 (felt good, making great gains) to 31 (felt off, knees burning, not myself)

I have up to 115 a week if I want (extra test in bottle) but I have just been trying to zero on 100 to see where I am at. I felt great at just 100mg, but after I added the Vitamin D, this happened.

What do you think about 1000iu 3 times a week and then retesting? I am only hesitant to add more test if it makes my e2 go up too high and messes with my prostate again.

I know that I need vitamin D to prevent BPH and prostate cancer though…


@alphagunner assuming your losartan isn’t part of the massive recall? :slight_smile:

Something else is going on with you and I suspect it’s your liver. You don’t use boron or magnesium? You need both of these.

What’s your approximate BF?


This only started after TRT. Beforehand I never had issues like this, took supplements.

I don’t use boron or magnesium for the same reason that I was careful about adding vitamin D.

I am TERRIFIED of lowering my e2 again. It does horrible things to me, my mood, my life.

Checking on the Losartan thing as we speak.

I’m approx. 15% bodyfat. Possibly less, I have good stomach definition. Lots of veins.

Edit: What should I do Doc? I know your super busy and appreciate any of your time.

My plan was to get my e2 back up (week or 2), and then try 1000 iu three times a week and retest, and adjust from there. OR, I could increase the test a little, and try three times a week, and then adjust…


Check this out alpha. The way I read it is that increase in d suppose to increase e2

  1. Increased Estradiol. While it is true that some hypogonadal men are low in estradiol, the high prevalence of overweight and obese men often leads to unnecessarily high estradiol levels and “estrogen dominance” if you will. Men in this category do not need more estradiol, and it turns out that Vitamin D is one of the controllers of estradiol levels in both males and females. Men get their estradiol via the aromatase enzyme conversion of testosterone and Vitamin D governs the aromatase enzyme . One study on mice with deficient Vitamin D levels found greatly reduced aromatase enzyme levels. Estradiol levels were reduced correspondingly by almost 40%. [2][3] Going back to #1, this may explain the decreased fertility in men who take too much Vitamin D: higher levels of estradiol actually worsen sperm parameters.