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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


E2 non sensitive came back at 44. the range says less than 39 for males. Highest i have ever seen it really.

I have always come back in the 30-32 range on this test when I was doing sub-q 90 a week.

Now that I am on 100 a week, and generally doing IM I feel my test is much higher, it must be for e2 to be high like this.

Other than that “feeling” that I discussed earlier, I have no other symptoms. No nipple itchiness, no emotional feelings, libido is slightly less than where I would like it, but maybe this is a good thing. I think when I was messing with 55 mg shots and doing IM, (which eventually led me to the pressure and lowered piss stream) my e2 must have shot up way too much. My libido was insane, but it was more than necessary.

So for reference:

Sub Q 90 a week got my TT into the 700 range on trough day. E2 was 30-32

Currently trying 50mg twice a week IM. Sub Q feels underwhelming to me, IM shots seem to work better for me, maybe because of my high SHBG?

@NH_Watts @charlie12 @unreal24278 and anyone else.


Slightly higher test, slightly higher E2. Makes sense to me.


Be interesting to see where my E2 is right now. I’m on 500mg Test and 300 NPP no AI. I had slight tenderness of nips, but 3 days of Nolvadex seems to have settled it down, there fine now.

I feel great so far. Will be running bloods soon and will post up the numbers for you guys to have a look.

I would consider leaving it in your case and rechecking a bit down the line if you feel fine.


Exactly. I have an outside test scheduled whenever I want. I think I am going to ride this 50 mg IM twice a week for 6 weeks then test on the outside so I’m not worried about my TT.

I feel pretty good right now, I don’t think I can switch back to sub q unfortunately. Even when I injected 55 sub q, I didn’t “feel” it.


When you were injecting 90mg a week what was the schedule, 1 shot?


No, I have never been a 1 shot guy. I dabbled with it maybe once or twice in the past, but I felt the drop off before my next shot, didn’t like it.

I think that’s I have eliminated Sub Q for now. And will try and dial in better with IM.

I think the 55 twice a week, along with doing a few higher shots during the December-January timeframe (to help bring up e2) is what agitated my prostate enough to give me symptoms.


That’s awesome. I also like IM for that reason. But subq is easier at frequency.