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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


E2 non sensitive came back at 44. the range says less than 39 for males. Highest i have ever seen it really.

I have always come back in the 30-32 range on this test when I was doing sub-q 90 a week.

Now that I am on 100 a week, and generally doing IM I feel my test is much higher, it must be for e2 to be high like this.

Other than that “feeling” that I discussed earlier, I have no other symptoms. No nipple itchiness, no emotional feelings, libido is slightly less than where I would like it, but maybe this is a good thing. I think when I was messing with 55 mg shots and doing IM, (which eventually led me to the pressure and lowered piss stream) my e2 must have shot up way too much. My libido was insane, but it was more than necessary.

So for reference:

Sub Q 90 a week got my TT into the 700 range on trough day. E2 was 30-32

Currently trying 50mg twice a week IM. Sub Q feels underwhelming to me, IM shots seem to work better for me, maybe because of my high SHBG?

@NH_Watts @charlie12 @unreal24278 and anyone else.


Slightly higher test, slightly higher E2. Makes sense to me.


Be interesting to see where my E2 is right now. I’m on 500mg Test and 300 NPP no AI. I had slight tenderness of nips, but 3 days of Nolvadex seems to have settled it down, there fine now.

I feel great so far. Will be running bloods soon and will post up the numbers for you guys to have a look.

I would consider leaving it in your case and rechecking a bit down the line if you feel fine.


Exactly. I have an outside test scheduled whenever I want. I think I am going to ride this 50 mg IM twice a week for 6 weeks then test on the outside so I’m not worried about my TT.

I feel pretty good right now, I don’t think I can switch back to sub q unfortunately. Even when I injected 55 sub q, I didn’t “feel” it.


When you were injecting 90mg a week what was the schedule, 1 shot?


No, I have never been a 1 shot guy. I dabbled with it maybe once or twice in the past, but I felt the drop off before my next shot, didn’t like it.

I think that’s I have eliminated Sub Q for now. And will try and dial in better with IM.

I think the 55 twice a week, along with doing a few higher shots during the December-January timeframe (to help bring up e2) is what agitated my prostate enough to give me symptoms.


That’s awesome. I also like IM for that reason. But subq is easier at frequency.


Feeling Good

Have been at 50 IM twice a week for approx. 3 weeks today. No AI, no HCG.

Feel great, libido high, good mood. Destroying it in the gym, and that “motivated” feeling is back. Hitting PR’s with no issue.

Flexing in mirror, veiny as fuck. Muscles feel full.

Most importantly and very noticeably, my appetite has SKYROCKETED.

I’m eating another meal after dinner because I’m hungry.

Recently started supplementing with Vitamin D (about 500iu) Everyday, Fish Oil (1000mg DHA/EPA), Collagen Hydrosolate.

WIll check E2 in about a week to see if any changes, if all good, will add 3 mg boron to supplements.

E2 has felt manageable, I have slight “emotional” moments, but they are at times where I think its appropriate, (child growing up). So I don’t even know if I would consider that a symptom?

Few more weeks and ill get labs, and we can see why I feel so good compared to SQ. (im pretty sure I know why)


You can get your dick up… That’s what counts. Lol. We are allowed to get emotional once in a while. I saw this short vid on Twitter yesterday. A guy who fought cancer at age 11 for 5 years just got earned the title of US Marine. God bless. Watch the vid please. It’s 27 seconds.
I get chocked up. The Marine understandingly emotional.

I was sub q as well. IM since October. Love it.

Once you stabilize you do a 60 mg shot instead of 50 once in a while…it was great. The feeling. The libido. I want total stability so I rarely do this now.



Yea, I cant go back. It sucks, because IM is a little more “complicated” and painful in my quads for some reason. Sub Q was just TOO easy.

But I cant compare the feelings. Sub Q felt like I wasn’t even using Test.

Now I feel like a monster.


I don’t know which muscle this is but I have been doing injections on the side of my quad just like the side of the leg you know it’s like nice and hard there and barely any fat there and I have no problem doing it there.

I think I go to the vastus lateras


Vastus Lateralis probably. Do you go in at an angle or straight up and down from the top?


Straight in on side of leg. I use 1/2 needle. I push too and keep pressure so I go in further.

I read something that you pull the skin where you’re going to inject sort of slide it you keep the skin in place with your fingers. put in the needle then after you remove the needle you let go of the skin and it goes back to its original position. This supposed to help with something but I forgot.
if this makes sense.

I’ll take pic

It’s a very large area to do. I mean there’s muscle in all that area.


Your talking about z-track injection. Its to keep the oil from coming back out, not a huge fan. You basically move the skin over the injection site and then after the injection, the hole in the skin is over another area of muscle after you release skin.

Thanks for pic. Im gonna do my quad shot there tonight and see how it goes. Ive been doing top of my quad basically. Teardrop shots weren’t TOO bad, but a little painful.


Oh. I never have oil come out. I may not move skin then. Easier.


I tried the spot you recommended and its the first time I’ve done a shot in the quad without pain.


Dude funny you say that because I felt the T when I did IM . Short lived but I could feel a boost in labido for the next day. Subq nothing… maybe I was also doing once a week and a much larger dose. On cream now and you definitely feel it.



Little update:

So I have been coming in low on vitamin D for a while now. The only time I ever got it up and into a decent range was on 5000iu a day, which was also recommended to me by Physio.

My Vit D is always in the 30-32 range (30-140). The 500iu I have been taking daily has done nothing for me in terms of bringing up my labs.

Started yesterday 3/14/19 taking 5000 IU a day.

You guys know my past with supplements, so I have been hesitant, because I don’t want to crash E2 again.

This is what got me into gear: I found several studies that correlated low vitamin D with BPH and Prostate cancer. If you guys remember I had an issue with my prostate not too long ago (probably because my e2 was a little high) But wait, theres more…

Vitamin D has been shown to regulate, and lower high E2 levels (in women).

HOWEVER, I did find a study (which kinda went over my head) BUT it said that vitamin D is responsible for stopping prostate cells from creating E2. ( it was way more scientific, but that’s what it said)

My E2 is slightly high right now at 46, still feeling DAMN good though, just minor issues, mostly transient.

I am hoping that by bringing my Vitamin D into normal range, I can slightly modify my e2 into a more favorable range (again, not hoping for much here, just a little nudge, IF that’s what is needed).

I think these issues might be related for me, (higher e2, having slight prostate enlargement) and If Vitamin D does what these studies say, hopefully it will get me more in balance with everything.

I would consider myself zeroed at this point. I feel fantastic, I have no URGENT issues, besides the slightly elevated e2, which I will either manage through the Vitamin D, (or boron in future) or a SLIGHT lowering of my dose, which I don’t want to do. As I am writing this, those symptoms have mostly faded anyway, But then again, it is shot day, so my e2 is probably the lowest it will be right now.

I am checking my e2 in 2 weeks to see if there is any negative change (just to be careful, you guys know my history) and then again in about 1.5 months to check Vit D and E2.

@NH_Watts @charlie12 @systemlord @physioLojik and anyone else.


I would wait and see how your body adjusts, give it more time. I have found that to keep my trough levels higher, increasing injection frequencies help.