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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


I was researching high e2 symptoms and yournposts kept popping up on google haha.

Tell me something. I know you had a rough year 1. I know why…

Do you feel your body has grown accustomed to a high e2 after year 1 and a higher e2 doesn’t bother you. But it did bother you more at the start? I have the same symptoms that you talked about… I pretty much made a list of all the symptoms I’ve been having since several weeks ago after I started trt and they all fall into thyroid issues, but a couple fall into high e2. Low sensitivity down under, brain fog, fatigue , and my damn knees are always super stiff when I wake up in the am. I really don’t want to lower my dosage again but I also don’t want to start taking ai … The goals to find the energy to hit the gym often. I lose fat quick, but can’t find the fking motivation to go there with this fatigue. I lifereally just sit in my car at the gym and leave or I fuck about all day and barely work. It’s getting tiresome.


If anything, I was just overreacting to small and maybe even non existent “high e2” issues. The two biggest things I have learned would be: 1. Don’t mess with e2 (high test and high e2 are OK). 2. Give your body time to settle before assuming anything.
Basically, you need to give yourself time to level out. It sounds like your symptoms are all over the place.

What is your protocol, and latest lab numbers?


Yah I don’t know what’s wrong. In 7 weeks in and my brain fog , fatigue and lethargy is off the charts. My dick is not sensitive at all. I can get it up but sex doesn’t feel good. Sleep sucks. Knees are soar when I wake up. Like I have soar muscles where I can’t walk, but it’s the knees. Honestly everything sucks …I had about 3 days of good vibes in the last two months.

I dropped to 140 from a higher dosage and doing daily. I haven’t thought of e2 symptoms this whole time until last few days.

Last labs were 3 weeks or so ago and they were 1300+ and 27 free t with 27.5 e2 sensitive. I’m starting to wonder if that test was a Mellon and I’m getting retested in a week.

It might be thyroid, but the more I pay attention to symptoms the more I’m lead to believe it’s e2.

It’s gotten worse the longer I take t. I don’t want to jump To conclusions and chase my e2 daily. I expect body to stabalize, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I can’t operate like this. Can’t work out. Just sleep and fuck about all day till I can sleep again. No motivation to do anything.


So I have been feeling some “pressure” and or discomfort, but very minor in my prostate area.

About a month ago, I had a lot of pressure up there as well as some urinary symptoms (very minor). I backed off my dose from 115 a week to 100, and did a few sub Q shots to bring it down. The pressure subsided, and I wasn’t suffering any urinary problems.

Fast forward a month, and i still have a strange “feeling” in my prostate area, right inside my rectum i guess. Feels like i have to poop, or fart, but there is nothing there. Its pretty minor, and i thought maybe it was all in my head. Maybe it was.

I had a DRE today, completely normal. I wonder if i am just feeling some irritation or stimulation in the area still? At least its not swollen, gives me a big relief.

I wonder if playing with my doses going up and over a few times is what causes the inflammation to begin with. Either way its nice to know i can push the TRT limits a little bit still, without having to worry about my prostate, for now.

Is there a chance that my prostate was just growing to where it SHOULD be?

@NH_Watts @physioLojik


Probably not your case. But I just had an endoscopy they took some tissue. And I have a dull pain near sternum and it sort of feels like I have to crap but I don’t.

I hope Dr didn’t fuck anything up. No fever or anything. He thinks it could be the air they pumped in me. If I still have dull pain Monday I think it should be investigated.
It’s just wierd its near sternum but I feel in rectum


You tagged me and the doctor!?

But seriously I will let the doctor handle this one.


Are you taking an AI? In my humble opinion your Testosterone is to high for that e2 level. All your symptoms seem like low estrogen symptoms and trust me I’m an expert at low e2. I’m convinced it’s a e2 to testosterone ratio issue along with the testosterone acting as an agonist to serotonin. Estrogen upregulates serotonin and testosterone inhibits it. Just my 2 cents cuz but if that 1300+ and 27.5 is where your at then that’s your problem.


No ai.

I was at that level but it was for about a week maybe less.i immediately dropped by 20 pints. Next week Is a blood test and will know more.

I’m confused by what you said. Please elaborate. How is e2 to low. I don’t understand agonist and all that. Would u say lower dosage? I’d say I’ve been lower for a few weeks since the test.

I also thought might be low e2 but damnit how does that happen with so much test per week.


Hey bro I forgot to add that I also stopped taking 400iu of hcg x 2 per week. I’m taking 100iu once a week and it’s working perfectly. I took a week off on that as well.

I’m gonna look into all this terminology and see if I can understand better. But it sounds like my e2 is too low for the amount of testasterone I have.

Does one need a ratio of t to e2 for a desired effect: like 30 e2 with 900 test would work well and you’d need more for 1300 like 45 .


Right. I’m saying your e2 is to low for that amount of test. The ratio is off. 45 would be more realistic. Your not aromatizing the test to e2 for whatever reason.


Ya it’s odd. I don’t know why/ maybe it’s the Suboxone I’m taking. Started this so I can get off that ducking junk.


I have similar issues with aromatizing of testosterone. The only time I’ve seen my testosterone that high is when I accidentally crashed my e2 completely. Very high test and zero e2. I felt very odd at that point in time. It lasted approximately 5 weeks. I had previously experienced crashed e2 along with low testosterone for a long time. With high testosterone it was very different. I lost all interest in sex and masturbation. I couldn’t even use my imagination to think of a sexual scenario. It just wasnt there and honestly I didnt care. I was very happy when I figured out what was going on and dropped the DIM supplement. Started feeling better immediately


Mmm interesting.

So weeks ago before I got on the ai band wagon I tried an ai because I was feeling horrid. I spilled half the capsule and took like .1 and I felt even worse. Was getting hot almost sweating and anxiety and etc.

Since then I’ve been thinking maybe my e2 is low. Why else would my joints be hurting. Unless it’s water retention like system said. But that doesn’t sound right…

I can tell you when I feel this bad my sensitivity goes out the door, I can still get an erevtion though and I still have morning and night wood.

I though high e2 allowed one to have erections in night and mornings and sensitivy goes. With low e2 nothing and sensitivy is maybe not as bad if you can even get it up.


I can’t wait to switch docs after my next blood panel: the doc likes using cream applied twice a day to the scrotum and he made it sound like estrogen is managed much better this way. Didn’t say it out right, but eluded to …Not sure how or why, but everyone whose tried it loved it. It also makes sex life much better quickly vs shots.

Trust me I’m gonna keep everyone updated once I get on it.

Not sure if I will. It sounds enticing. I jsut don’t like having to do it morning and night. For another couple decades… that’s 700 applications a year x 10 years is 7k and if I live till 70 that’s 21k times that I rubbed my balls.:: god I hope I don’t live till 80… I’ll be that grandpa grabbing the nurses ass.


I know we don’t know each other, but keep up the good work and take it one day at a time.


Thanks and trying my best. I don’t think a night has gone by where I don’t ponder the hell i seemed to of trapped myself in.

Goals to ween down once I get optimized. God willing.


My t was low enough to cause my mental breakdown etc for a few months only. I cried several times during this time for various reasons. My doctor’s were smart enough to check my testosterone as a cause. Probably because I mentioned andropause as a cause. Because of my flushing and dry sweats they even checked me for carcinoid tumors.

I can’t imagine the guys that are low for years and didn’t realize it’s low t and take the psychiatric meds for years.

Stick with it. Life is beautiful.


The second Endo I went to told me I was depressed even though I assured him I wasn’t. I told him I think SSRIs are way overprescribed and he completely dropped the conversation.


Opioid addiction and tragedy hit close to home for me. Don’t give up, keep fighting. You can do this!


Yup. Been sober for many years before hand. Will do it again:) thanks for the encouragement