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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


@alphagunner let’s start there. I can’t imagine that change of dosage would cause that much of a reaction that quickly


So you recommend that i stick with the same dose for a little while and see if it resolves?

Or just lower dose a little and see what happens?

Or were you saying to get a prostate exam lol.



DRE baby…D…R…E! Whoop!


That’s interesting about subq. With IM I felt the T very quick , but it would also go away fast. I started subq and I don’t feel the same. Just a more consistent I’m alive feeling (nothing too Alice). Still building in my system… can’t wait for this shit to work… so tired of being sick and tired :slight_smile:


I am not afraid to do a DRE. For now though my symptoms have completely subsided.

I will give myself a solid 6 weeks again of 50 IM twice a week and see if the problem occurs again. I think I might have done a few 100+ shots during that period, I cant remember, and maybe the effects were cumulative.

Right before I felt the “swelling” my libido was absolutely insane. I had sex and then could not get rid of the erection afterwards. So I knew my free T was high.


And the e2 was perfect. You can handle a line of women at the door…


@alphagunner That’s crazy - and glad to hear you are firing on all cylinders! Did it eventually go down?

I just experienced a Dr. appointment, “double dose of Trimix for penile doppler” priapism - awful, 3+ hours after appointment, had to go back and have 4+ oz blood drained from my dick and a shot of reversal meds. Still recovering some.

Glad to hear all is going well though - keep us posted, I like reading about people’s success stories.


LOL exactly.

@bcostigan41 JESUS!

Is trimex the one you have to inject into your penis?

Sorry man, that sucks.


Yup. First dose didn’t do anything. He gave me another dose about 10-15 minutes after. That produced a result good enough to do the penile doppler, but not ideal.

Only after driving home did it really work… And it was damn painful. It looks like I had my own personal cock fight…hahaha



Oh hey @NH_Watts I forgot to mention.

Tear drop injection was bad. Had 2 areas where the skin was slightly swollen, very much like the sub Q lumps. I wonder if somehow the test came out of the muscle and into the sub Q tissue? not sure, either way, it was painful and it had irritation afterwards. Maybe its just too small to hit, not sure, it was kinda a bad stick also.

Also, note to self, German volume training for squats is very VERY painful.


had you done the volume training before the teardrop shot?


Shot in AM, volume training PM.

Hmm, do you think the excessive volume maybe squeezed the oil out of the muscle (had a gnarly pump during and after)? The redness and pain is mostly gone today also.


Im thinking maybe you just irritated that area with a pump etc.


I think your probably right. Also maybe being a smaller quad muscle, it couldn’t handle the volume? Never really had an issue like this higher on the quad.

How you feeling on your new protocol btw? Obviously not AS good as when you were on your blast.


Hard to tell as I have had a cold since xmas. My first one in 4 years and its a doozy. That being said libido is still strong and the wife (shes sick too) and I have participated in sick-sex which is always interesting. Your lady ever have a coughing fit while you’re inside her? Not bad.

Also I hit a DL PR last week which was cool but probably put my sickness healing back a few days. I took today off of the gym and maybe will tomorrow just to prioritize rest.



Yea I have been sick since Thursday (just got back from vacation) was able to workout Monday but Tuesday and yesterday I needed the rest.

Bad congestion, phlegm, no fever or chills tho. So its not the flu.


Yeah no flu here either just a niggling cold that wont go away


Same, I actually had something similar right before Christmas, and then I caught something similar but worse AGAIN. My daughter managed to touch the floor in a Disneyland ride and then touch my face, I knew I was fucked.