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Yes, I have a close family member who is basically in the worst shape someone his age could be in. Not super fat, but heavy, skinny fat , no muscle. Eats crap, drinks smokes cigarettes.

One of his friends gave him a home gym, a nice one actually and I keep trying to get him to use it. Every time we go over, its got clothes hanging on it, or is being used for storage. So I slowly started taking plates. “Hey you gonna use these 35’s?” “well, yea eventually, I probably cant start with that weight, so go ahead” “Oh so you definitely wont need these 45ers then”


Sometimes it takes that rock bottom moment or the threat of actually dying to motivate someone and even then that isnt enough to save them. Your story is another reason why BMI can be bullshit. “Im in the healthy range.”


Unfortunately, that’s where this is headed. To make the matter worse, he hasn’t been to a doctor in years. So more than likely, one day he’s just gonna be fucked. He wont have gradual warning.


Head in the sand. And then he will become a complete burden to the healthcare system and those of us that never get sick will pay more year after year.


I just saw that video. Thanks for it.
What rang a bell is towards the end about uric acid. I got uric acid kidney stones in my early 20s. I take allopurinol.

I wonder if there is a connection and “permanent” damage I did and have some degree of insulin resistance since my visceral fat is confirmed with a fatty liver.

How can I reverse this? Metformin?


One of the supplements I use to take, CDG, or turmeric, I cant remember, was suppose to be good for NAFLD. Maybe it was vitamin C… Cant remember, look it up though.


NAFLD and Vitamin D


A weight loss diet with minimal sugar and alcohol (and possibly low milk sugar) should reverse fatty liver.