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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


I have had several people say that they have NAFLD but they didn’t know why. It was not explained like it was in the video to them at all.

We actually had someone come to our job and do an in-service about how “sugar was poison” and it caused inflammation. Most of my fatass coworkers laughed about it. I took it serious and was already in that mindset and still am.

Being in an office environment, its crazy seeing examples of the visceral fat from overconsumption of fructose.

NO BS daily diet of coworker: Coffee with 3-4 sugars, 2- 3 cups in AM. 2 Donuts, minimum, plus snacks. Energy Drinks in afternoon. All with cigarette breaks in between. Dudes belly is HUGE.


I see “grown ups” eating poptarts for breakfast all the time, EZMac for lunch, and I know one guy who has a 9:30am chocolate chip cookie binge from the vending machine most days. Not just a few people either. I work in a building of about 200 and this is the norm. I will heat up steak, brown rice, and a few cups of brocolli and get “look at you go!” or “you’re so good all the time dont you ever just have to have some chef boyRdee or McDs?” “are you dieting?”


I have nafld. When I was in middle School one year me and two others ( girls lol) were in charge of the lunchroom candy store.

I ate an enormous amount of recess peanut butter cups that year am talking everyday. You know the package where you get 2 cups. I Ate in school and brought home plenty. We made it free for us to take. Bad. Ik.
I think this started my fatty liver and triglycerides problem. I could be wrong.

If I gain weight above 200 pounds my liver enzymes get elevated.


HOLY FUCK. I know, its like I get shamed for eating healthy. It happened for the first few years I worked here, and it was constant. Every time I said “no thank you” to the daily donuts or cookies, or anytime I was doing the same as you, heating up my meal prep, people would say similar things. “Your always eating so healthy” “Have a donut every now and then, you can afford to”

Its kinda died down though now because its everyday and its even getting old for them.

I feel like this is shaming to make their themselves feel better. Like giving themselves excuses. “You can have one, we deserve this” No, you don’t “deserve” to give yourself diabetes because you want to treat yourself. The whole office treat mindset is disgusting. I wish someone would bring in a big ass bowl of fruit or a fruit tray everyday. Id get down.

That fit shaming got old though, I could go on. I had a picture on social media with me and my brother at the beach, shirtless. (you know, cause we are at the beach) and this former acquaintance, who is very out of shape, wrote on the post “Put your shirts on” It was so ridiculous. Nothing more beta than being so self worthless that you fit shame others. Sad.


How tall are you ?

Do you still eat sugar?

I eat very little processed sugar. I eat lots of fruit, and sometimes a little honey.

Drink a few beers on weekends sometimes.


There snowflakes. The type of people who need a safe space at work to cry when Hillary lost.


Am 6’1

I don’t eat that junk anymore. Lol.
I do eat a piece of cake here or there. Am almost 42. :muscle:t3:

I weigh about 186

@alphagunner @mertdawg I also read that hypothyroidism can affect triglycerides. I feel good as we speak. My hands cold. Just ate a bowl of pasta.
Can’t wait to see Endo next week. Should get t4. That can change everything. But then again I don’t have straight out hypothyroidism it’s really subclinical.


Little update. This afternoon will be my 3rd 50mg injection.

That feeling is coming back. Feeling like a beast.

One of my biggest cues is that I start flexing in the mirror , admiring my progress. I think this is a big indicator of my mood. I feel super confident. Seeing myself in the mirror makes me even more motivated to work out the next day. Although I do still do this sometimes throughout TRT, I notice that this particular activity increases substantially, and I feel like I can literally feel the endorphins pumping. Feeling pumped bros.

Doing hypertrophy right now, did shoulders last night, and doing back and biceps today. All workouts are focused around the compound lifts. Squats, Deadlifts/Pull Ups, Bend over Rows, Bench Press, Over head press. And then I do some isolation stuff also to fill in the gaps. Lots of core work.


Absolutely. “Health Nut” emphasis on the nut. As if its a crazy idea to take care of yourself.


Can you just state what your protocol changed from in your post? Thx


I know. Fuck me for trying to live longer, right?


Yea, its in my OP. I was on 45 twice a week for those first labs (90 a week) and I did 100mg on the Monday after my shots. Then that Thursday, next Monday and today will be my next 50mg shot.

I think if I tolerate it well I am going to start injecting the extra .1 I get in each bottle, split up in 4 shots. Will be like an extra 2.5mg I think


And live better man.


In my life alone, I know 2 people right off the bat who would benefit from TRT. My dad being one, but he is super resistant to any kind of medical treatment. Which is sad, because he is wasting away and he’s in his 50’s. No muscle mass, starting to “ache”. Always saying, man im feeling my age, I don’t feel the same. Its futile though. He would rather suffer.

Which brings me to my point. Why would people rather live a half life, of being lazy, fat and unhealthy. When they do have the option to do something about it.

I think a lot of people are just conditioned to think that’s how you feel. You are suppose to be tired when your 31, no energy. Lay on the couch and eat snacks, play games. You would never “feel” low testosterone if you are a low energy individual to begin with. I feel like I know people who are just “ok” with being a slug.


It’s easier to give up then to work for it.


Furthermore, sorry I need to bring in sex on this, I hear guys in their 40s and 50s even older, who think it’s ok that their middle leg don’t work.

I am the total opposite. If that don’t work, it’s wwIII


But why are people Ok with living like that? I know the as soon as my test was low and I felt that demotivation and lack of will, I knew something was wrong and I did everything in my power to adjust that, because I wasn’t going to spend my life like that. That’s not living.

I couldn’t face myself in the mirror. I was not ok with being a shadow of the man I was.


Therein lies the rub alphagunner…some people are low their whole lives so they know no different and just accept it. I was a mess through my teens and 20s. When I turned 30 I quit smoking and started down the path that has now, 17 years later, gotten me to check hormones, etc. (And honestly if TRT wasn’t a well known thing through the last 10 years who knows where I would be now) But it was me that was motivated for the change(s) even while my body was trying to demotivate.


I see it. Its really sad to think people are just OK with it. I guess if you never knew any different. But just to think, your quality of life is getting worse by the day, and you will definitely die sooner. That’s not ok with me.


Well that was what happened with me BUT I was motivated to make changes. Some people never find that motivation.

It’s the old adage about the horse and water.