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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


Yeah keep us posted. Ive been at 60mg x 2 a week for a few weeks now. Libido shot way up and has leveled off at “good”. Which is better for me right now LOL. I wouldnt say I feel that much worse than 90mg x 2 a week but still not as good. Using .35mg a week anastrazole. Not sure where that puts my E2 but so far sides havent crept in.


I can agree that sometimes, although fun, it can get in the way of things a little. Like, I have to address the issue before I can continue on with my life. haha. Getting erections at my desk like in junior high.


Lipids look good all around. Triglycerides are not really related to “carbs” rather they are strongly related to fructose intake and alcohol, second to insulin resistance (fructose causes liver insulin resistance).

Your triglycerides and your HDL LDL ratio are both very good. I might show my wife all of your tests to see if she sees anything interesting.

By the way, my wife has had many patients go on TRT. She is a cardiologist, but they had an endo or PCP put them on TRT. She says that 75% do not ever feel any better on TRT, maybe 1/4 feel worse, half feel the same and 1/4 feel better. Many quit it because they expected to feel better and ended up feeling no effects. These are more likely to be older patients that she sees, maybe a mean age of 60.


Thank you so much for your time sir!

More than likely those people were given a cookie cutter approach to TRT and given 200mg every 2 weeks. Then they either have issues, or don’t feel any better because nobody fine tunes their program. I work in healthcare and I see guys come in for all kinds of of ridiculous protocols. 200mg test cyp once a month. 200mg every 2 weeks. Then these people end up with high Hct or hgb, or other side effects because nobody was monitoring properly and then the doctors assume they cant handle TRT. Or the patient quits, which is what I have seen quite a bit.


I also forgot to post my Cholesterol numbers, I will edit my first post. Here it is

Cholesterol 156 mg/dl <200


This is only a personal opinion, but I think that the REAL data suggests strongly that people with cholesterol over 200 are healthier than people with cholesterol under 200. At least under 170 I don’t consider to be very good, but I would have guessed that the main problem would have been low T.


What can I do to increase my cholesterol, diet wise?


My cholesterol has always been under 170.
Hdl and ldl borderline. Triglycerides elevated. For many many years. Some call this metabolic syndrome.


I am not sure. I think mine was 156 as well maybe 3 years ago and maybe 170 last time. I eat plenty of saturated animal fat and often will eat 6 egg yolks a day and I’m under 200. I don’t know if I consider 156 to severely low but I would not recommend that people try to lower their cholesterol to under 170.

Actually, the body makes cholesterol to heal up oxidative damage to blood vessels, so a natural T in the 150s might just mean that you don’t have much oxidative stress.


I eat about 2 whole eggs most days of the week. And I regulary eat steak with the fat. I guess that means more Steak and eggs in my future. I am not complaining at all.

I was worried at first when I first increased my red meat intake. But I haven’t seen 1 negative issue on my labs. I increased my red meat to compensate for creatine, which I cant supplement with because of estrogen reasons. I also love steak and I feel strong as hell when I eat it all the time. It also has not affected my RBC or HCT , or if it has, its been minor, I am still WNL.


What does supp creatine have to do with estrogen if you don’t mind


Since starting TRT I have had problems with E2. At first it was because I was directly and deliberately influencing it through arimidex, or other supplements. This caused horrible knee pains after I rode my MTB very aggressively a few weekends. I am still recovering from this issue.

Anyway, after stopping all e2 control, I noticed I was still going low, and gradually I figured out it was the supplements I was taking. Anything that increases liver function seems to flush my e2. I also have higher SHBG, so I think any downward fluctuation in e2 has more of an impact on me.

I was taking c4 pre workout everyday for about 2 months. Every serving has like 500% of the DV for vitamin B12 and b6. both which help the liver.

Tumeric, I was taking curcumin in high doses and that also tanked my e2. Tumeric helps liver function.

Tried creatine and had similar effects, so I stopped it.



Excellent video! Thanks for sharing :wink:


Thanks for the link, ill have to watch when I have a minute at home. “Fructose, The Liver Toxin” I love fruit though, hopefully I’m not doing more harm than good.

I try and limit that also. Maybe 10 grapes a day after dinner. Or 2-3 cuties over a day.


If you don’t have high triglycerides you’r not eating too much fructose. 10 grapes and 3 cuties is around 15 grams of fructose. At least up to 25 grams is not harmful and probably has unique benefits.


Ok good to know, I am always wanting a little more fruit during the day. I guess my weekend 4-6 beers didn’t really affect my triglycerides either.


What I gathered from that video is that fructose in fruit wasn’t to bad for our bodies because of the fiber that comes with it. The fiber allows our body to handle the fructose in fruit.


Excellent information. Thanks again @mertdawg

Going to eat my nightly grapes and have a few more.


The main problem is a massive fast influx of fructose and or alcohol into the liver. Not only does fruit have very little fructose compared to juice or soda but it is slower absorbed for several reasons. A banana for example only has about 6-8 grams of fructose compared to more than twice as much (20-30) in a 12 oz soda. In fruit, much of the sugar is also inside of cells which have to be broken open. Not only that, small amounts of fructose are probably beneficial for the liver, and the liver can handle much more fructose around training because much more of it gets turned into glycogen.

By the way, straight glucose is basically metabolically harmless in this regard as long as it is not overconsummed to the point of spiking blood sugar. Glucose does not lead to fatty liver insulin resistance.

The liver can turn fructose into glycogen (rather than ciitrate->triglycerides) almost 100% if it is a slow influx.