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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


That’s crazy dude.


Now im just waiting for this mornings IM shot to take effect. I immediately felt the loss of libido about the 4th day after the sub Q shot. I still feel “ok” but its nowhere comparable to how I felt on IM.

*** I tried an injection on the “teardrop” of my quad. Fairly painless and no PIP so far, rubbed it a little. Wanted to try different areas especially if I am going to stick with IM. Success so far.


I switched from subq to im. I felt what you felt. My Shbg is normal at about 25 if that makes any difference.

But not the tennis ball thing. My hct initially went up to almost 49. Then back down to 46-47 after 2 months.

I am doing 50 MG shallow im for a few months now and I like it better than subq.

My free t is higher (though still in range)on im hence why I probably like it better.

I started with delts but had trouble doing my right delt because an right handed and the syringe sux. So I do quads. A lot of area there. Even muscle on side of leg


I thought about trying side of leg, but how far to the “side” do you mean? I wouldn’t want to inject my IT band.

I definitely felt the drop off when I did 1 week of SUB Q. I also thought, maybe I should just keep trying and maybe ill “level out” after 6 weeks. But its hard to imagine, if I felt this big of a difference, that a few weeks would make it better?


We know with this stuff - who the fuck knows


@physioLojik Hey brother, if you get a second, maybe you can answer a question for me?

I had increased my test dose recently and after about 6 weeks, I felt as though my prostate was slightly enlarged. “felt like tennis ball up my ass” … I immediately switched to sub Q to alleviate the problem and it did. My question is, should I have given my body time to adjust to the higher DHT/E2? like we normally do with e2?


@alphagunner that is a super quick reaction - how long after dropping back to sub q did the feeling subside


about 5 days

Do you think I should hold fast and see if it subsides? It was kinda a knee jerk reaction. ( It literally feels like pressure, a tennis ball up my ass)

I did 2 shots sub Q, got relief, then today I switched back to IM but am doing 50 mg instead of 56.


@alphagunner hmm. Have you had a prostate exam recently


Never had one. My PSA was always .6 and only went up to like .8 when I was on 100 mg sub Q in past.

Never had problems before.

That’s why I was suspecting maybe the IM is giving me too high of spikes. In which case I will back down just a little. But IM is working much better for me than SUb Q.


@alphagunner let’s start there. I can’t imagine that change of dosage would cause that much of a reaction that quickly


So you recommend that i stick with the same dose for a little while and see if it resolves?

Or just lower dose a little and see what happens?

Or were you saying to get a prostate exam lol.



DRE baby…D…R…E! Whoop!


That’s interesting about subq. With IM I felt the T very quick , but it would also go away fast. I started subq and I don’t feel the same. Just a more consistent I’m alive feeling (nothing too Alice). Still building in my system… can’t wait for this shit to work… so tired of being sick and tired :slight_smile:


I am not afraid to do a DRE. For now though my symptoms have completely subsided.

I will give myself a solid 6 weeks again of 50 IM twice a week and see if the problem occurs again. I think I might have done a few 100+ shots during that period, I cant remember, and maybe the effects were cumulative.

Right before I felt the “swelling” my libido was absolutely insane. I had sex and then could not get rid of the erection afterwards. So I knew my free T was high.


And the e2 was perfect. You can handle a line of women at the door…


@alphagunner That’s crazy - and glad to hear you are firing on all cylinders! Did it eventually go down?

I just experienced a Dr. appointment, “double dose of Trimix for penile doppler” priapism - awful, 3+ hours after appointment, had to go back and have 4+ oz blood drained from my dick and a shot of reversal meds. Still recovering some.

Glad to hear all is going well though - keep us posted, I like reading about people’s success stories.


LOL exactly.

@bcostigan41 JESUS!

Is trimex the one you have to inject into your penis?

Sorry man, that sucks.


Yup. First dose didn’t do anything. He gave me another dose about 10-15 minutes after. That produced a result good enough to do the penile doppler, but not ideal.

Only after driving home did it really work… And it was damn painful. It looks like I had my own personal cock fight…hahaha