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AlphaGunner's TRT Log


I am going to start a running log, for myself, and also for the purpose of spreading information. If you have any questions, please ask.

Started TRT in August 2016, had a rough time for the first year, chasing estrogen numbers. Major setback for me. Has caused horrible knee pain that I still experience to some extent today. I am able to squat again, ride a bike. But at a certain point it hurt to walk and stand.

Things have been 100% better since I have stopped directly messing with my e2. I also have had issues with everyday supplements causing me to crash my e2.

Here is my Protocol:
Testosterone Cypionate 45mg twice a week (90 total)

When the labs were drawn, I felt pretty good, but there is definitely room for improvement. Id say my libido is about 70% of where I would like it, but its still decent. Morning erections are pretty much constant, sometimes I wont have one if I drink or eat like shit. Libido seems to be really high right when I wake up, then it comes down to baseline. Motivated for the gym, making decent gains, holding onto strength.

LABS 11/26/18

Total Test 742 ng/dl 241-827

Free Test 92.6 pg/ml 46.0-224
(for reference, before TRT, my free test was at 45 on this scale. I felt like dog shit.)

SHBG 42 nmol/L 10 -50

Estradiol 33 pg/ml <40 reference
(non sensitive)

Prolactin 9.5 ng/ml 2.1-17.7

PSA 0.67 ng/ml 0-4

TSH 1.5120 uIU/ml .55-4.78

RBC 5.15 4.4-5.9
HGB 16.2 13.3-17.7
HCT 46.6 39-52

Cholesterol 156 mg/dl <200
Triglyceride 25 L mg/dl 40-160
HDL 53 mg/dl >40
LDL Cholesterol Calc 98 mg/dl <130
CHOL/HDL RATIO 2.9 Ratio 2.8-5.0

Doctor ordered these without asking so I figured I’d post them.
FSH 0.5L miu/ml 1.4-18.1
LH <0.07L miu/ml 1.5-9.3

I’d would like my free test to be higher. Compared to when I first started, a free test of 45, I felt terrible. I feel “good” but not amazing, like I was when I was messing around with 50mg twice a week. Next change is going to 50 a week, 100 total. I will re-evaluate with labs at 6-8 weeks after change. Change date was 11/26.

My Triglycerides have been really low on my last 2 labs now. My first one I was taking fish oil, but I have stopped since then. The PCP I see said she thinks its more related to lower carb. She specializes in diabetic patients and says people who eat a lot of carbs have higher triglycerides. Doesn’t make sense to me though, the last 2 months I have been off my diet a little and have been eating like crap! Well, not fast food everyday, but not my normal diet. Basically going all out on weekends and being good during the week.

maybe @mertdawg can take a look at my lipids? Welcome to the TRT board btw.

I was deficient in vitamin D on my last lab, after I stopped all supplements due to E2 issues. My next “experiment” will involve me slowly starting some supplements and checking e2 every 2 weeks to either confirm or deny whether it has an effect on my E2.

@NH_Watts @systemlord @charlie12


Free T is not even midrange, typically we would want it higher than mid range since it’s not that far from pre-TRT levels. If you up the dosage though, E2 will climb. If this is a recent change to your protocol, I would give it more time.

Perhaps a M/W/F protocol may be in order if things don’t improve, it may bring Free T up and E2 down.

I wish there was a better medication to control E2 for us over-responders, anastrozole just destroys me. Aromasin is a little better, but far from ideal.


Its not, this has been me for a while now. This is also at trough.

Am going to increase to 50mg twice a week to increase free t. Just a little hesitant, because the last time I did 50 twice a week my TT was 1200 on the day BEFORE trough.

Have had e2 at 41 on this test with no negative symptoms, so not worried about e2 at all.

No, I want to keep it, there at a minimum, and wouldn’t mind seeing it a little higher.


I’ve learned that dosing isn’t linear, for me the difference between 417 ng and 496 ng is 6.1 pg/mL Free T increase, that a massive increase on only +79 ng.

20mg EOD = TT496/FT 20.8
25mg EOD = TT1053/FT unknown.

That’s twice the Total T on only 20% increase in dosage.

Perhaps meet yourself in the middle between 45 twice weekly and 50 twice weekly.

You might just hit that sweat spot.

It’s worth a shot, what do you have to lose?


I actually did think about this. Doing 95 a week instead of 100. You might be right. I would probably just do the 50/45 shot pattern to keep it simple.

Im going to increase to 50 twice a week at first, go for a few weeks and self evaluate, if I feel my e2 is too high, or I have symptoms, ill decrease to 95 a week on my next test instead of 100.


Can u calculate the free t? Your shbg seems fine i would think free t is higher.



I think my title was edited? Not sure why…


Probably because of capital letters?


They drew a free T, but I will run the numbers through the online calc.

This is what I got Charlie

13.5 ng/dL = 1.82 %

Albumin was at 4.9


That’s higher than your lab number of 92.6

92.6 pg/ml = 9.26 ng/dl

Makes more sense.

So if u up your dose AND start re introducing supps may not be a good idea


It was confusing and sounded like the log started in 2016. Also, I added an apostrophe. No biggie, just cleaning up for House Style.


That works for me, thanks.


How so?

Im only increasing from 90 to 100 a week. It has had minimal effect on my e2, but I HAVE felt itchy nipples on 100 a week, but it was transient.

Supps will be introduced once at a time, and then 2 weeks after taking everyday, will test e2, to see if it has any effect on my e2 number.

Also: as a little side “experiment” and just for fun, and to kick start me back into higher test levels, I took 70mg on Monday, took 30 more right now and plan on taking my normal dose of 50 tomorrow. That would put me at 150 for this week. When I have done it in the past, I get a little libido/mood/strength burst that lasts for a few days. @NH_Watts


@alphagunner are you running this on your own or are you following a doctor? good luck my friend!


Little bit of both. I have a PCP and an endo who I go to for labs and stuff. But I don’t follow any of their protocols or advice really. If I did id be taking 200mg every 2 weeks. HA.

I am legal, but I basically follow my own plan.


a true man. good luck on your journey.


I meant in case u run into issues you want to differentiate if it was from increase in dose or from supps.
Either way you should be fine. You on top of this. Plus you will be checking labs.


Well look at it this way. If I increase my dose, I know my e2 will raise slightly, so if I get symptoms after taking the supplement, I can kinda assume its because my e2 has gone lower than it should, because it should be a little high on 100 a week.

But trust me, I’m doing this the safest way possible.

I’ve done 100 a week before for a month and a half and everything was good besides the 1200 TT reading, which isn’t bad, but the people paying for my test don’t like it.


I bet you feel the libido surge with this movement. It will probably be short lived but you will feel it.


If you are referring to the 150 im gonna do this week, yea I know ill feel it.

Hoping that going from 90 to 100 a week also puts me back in the sweet spot.

Might end up doing what system said and splitting the difference at 95. We will see.

Felt great at 100 a week, I think at like 8 weeks I started to get some slightly high e2 symptoms, weaker erections, less libido. If that happens again ill just scale back a little. Excited to see if I can get back to feeling “amazing” again though.

I will probably here in a few days, for a little while at least lol.