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Alphabetical Insult Thread

So I was inspired recently by two and a half men with their insult game - they did it alphabetically! For example:

Cum sucking camel fart
Enema gobbling cock fag

I figured we’d do it “Man Above style”. With all of the brain power here, I’m sure we’d never run out of creative ways to insult each other. The only rule is that the first letter of the insult is the NEXT letter in the alphabet (when you get to Z, start over). You can make the insult singular or plural, simple or long, but be creative, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

I’ll start things off.

T-Nation Members (especially the Man Above Thread “contributors”)

^ Acai berry drinking twinks

^ Ball Biting Bastard

I like this.

Cum-loving swamp donkey

edit: hungry’s post wasn’t showing

Candy-ass bunch of shit-sucking man-whores

^Doesn’t know what letter comes next and is a massive fag with a gaping asshole full of monkey cum and saliva.

^Eats shit for breakfast

^ fucks goats for fun and profit

^gets fucked by men


^Heavily retarded

^ Grabs handfuls of sweaty meatpoles and sluprs them to the last drop.


It’s moving too fast!!!

^Hairy ball sack sucker.

^humps fat men’s rolls and creampies them

and “z?” >_> no!

Edit: I post too slowly, and am retarded.

^ cockblocked.

and inserts prelubed rats into his anus

^Inanely too retarded to keep up the pace

is it z yet?

This fucking website is so slow this will never work.

^Jerk off cum gobbler its called F5 noob

zoo. amidoinitrite?

^ kid toucher