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Alpha writes for T-Nation?


I don't think I've ever seen T-Nation member have an article published on this site. My question is why the fuck not?

There certainly are great authors here, no doubt. There are articles posted that make me think about my training, perhaps try some new ideas, change things up, etc. But there are rarely articles that evoke so much emotion and remind me of my goals as much as some of the stuff this guy writes. Not to mention remind me that I am such a pussy compared to some others. In fact I played flag football this morning and my hip flexors are so sore...but I'm sure some of these guys are such well conditioned beasts that they wouldn't even feel it. I want to be there, I want to be that kind of beast. It makes me realize how much harder I need to and CAN work!

My point is that we need more of that here. While the info on training is great, we are missing the huge kick in the ass that is constantly handed out in Alpha's writings- the kick in the ass that is needed. Of course some will respond to that by saying they don't need to be motivated, etc- to that I would say I'd be very surprised to find very many like Alpha hiding out on this site.

Maybe Alpha has been approached by this website/company, etc- obviously I wouldn't know that. Maybe he's too busy with his job- don't know what it is, I've asked and he won't tell- but it seems pretty intense.

But if no one that represents this site/company has approached him to write something here and there- why the fuck not? Seriously.


Hey man, I really appreciate you thinking that my writing is worthy and suggesting this.

About a year and a half ago I submitted an article to TC over PM and it never got opened. But he is a busy guy that I respect a lot so he is still a cool guy in my book. But they have definitely never approached me about it.

That's why I started writing for http://www.5100block.com/blog/alpha ...Maybe someday brother. But I really appreciate the kind words man.


man it just blows my mind that theyre not beating down your door trying to get you to write some articles. in the mean time, i just came across your "Warrior Athlete" link to the 5100block site, and as time allows i'll be going back and reading your stuff there. you made a post in i believe late August '10 talking about why you do what you do "running towards what others run from" (i might not have that wording exactly right)- and it honestly just kind of gave me chills. then it hit me again that i needed to work harder.

keep writing man, some of us are listening. others will catch on.


whether or not you get the attention you deserve with an article on this site, please keep writing. you come up with some great content.


Submit the article via email, NOT by PM. TC probably has about 900 PMs that he's never checked.

If you want to write in magazines, you have to go through some more conventional channels. At least that's been my experience.

Just shoot him and email =) Your stuff is good, I enjoyed it.

good luck!


Alpha's one of the more helpful posters on T-Nation, and he's probably pound-for-pound the strongest dude here. If he were to have something published here, I'd read it.




yeah I've certainly never seen someone go from being a poster to an author.

Eric Cressey didn't do it, he's never written anything for here. Or Tony Gentilecore, or Cassandra Forsythe. . . all folks who started as posters then began writing articles for this and other sites.

It happens.


Nate Green started as a poster and became an editor for T-Nation a few years later. So yeah...it has happened. And Roman was in the HOT-ROX challenge long before he had an article, if I'm not mistaken.


Correct =)

Actually, fun story.

I met a few guys through what was then T-Mag. We were all frequent forum posters and decided to meet.

Through these forums, I met Eric Cressey, Joel Marion and Eric Chessen. Cressey, Joel and I all had our first articles published here at around the same time. We went in different directions in fitness, but have always managed to find ways to work together and the like. Joel became my best friend in the world (and, in fact, I spoke at his wedding and we are now partners in a number of business ventures).

Eric Chessen went from a poster to a mod, and then went on to found AutismFitness.com and is the world's leading authority on exercise for the autism population.

T-Nation certainly isn't averse to bringing good people on, in my experience. As I alluded to in my post, you just have to go through the right channels.


Man, about a year ago I had around 4 autistic clients who I trained and it was definitely challenging to say the least. It's cool there is a site out now for that specifically.


Roman- little off topic, but I remember T-Mag, seems like that is so long ago. I was a freshman in college when I started reading here. Unfortunately, I still had a few years of "consume 1500 cals/day, drink cell-smech, and do nothing but preacher curls" to get out of my system before I actually started applying what I was reading!


Thanks for the vote of confidence guys. maybe i will submit something.


Alpha is great and I do like his website, but I would like it even more if he had a corner here at this site. He is definitely someone who gives good advice and a challenge to do his routine.

Alpha I hope you submit something and hope to see you here soon, until then I will check your site.

I know you have a lot of readers here.


Alpha? will you be keeping up with your log?

it is hugely popular.


Ditto. Pay da man!


Alpha=Awesome. He's an excellent writer and I hope to see him writing soon for the nation.


OG: thanks girlie and good to hear from you! We will see about submiting something, i have to decide which piece to give them! And i am not sure about the log. After the last one got filled up, i just took a break from tracking it and kept writing for the other site. i miss it though, i may come back over here and start one back up. Thanks agin!

Jumpman: ha! thanks brother...i will work for protein!

Mackk: Thanks man and thanks for keeping up over at the block as well. Means a lot brother!


So... did anyone notice the new soldier-themed article? It's almost as if someone noticed that the warrior-training idea was a hit...



Yup looks pretty similar to what's Alpha does - rucking every morning, then heavy strength work, complexes, sprints etc.

Article looks like a great way to get into this sort of training.