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Alpha vs. Beta Male


Hey there,

Just curious, what do you guys consider to be an Alpha Male? I know an Alpha Male traditionally is a leader, but beyond that, what do you guys think, psychologically, physically, etc. makes an Alpha Male an Alpha Male? On the flip side, what do you consider to be a Beta Male?


Alpha Male isn't always a leader. My company's managment is run by a bunch of Beta-males who think kissing ownership's butt is being in charge. Alpha Male is standing up for what you belive in, regardless what others think. It's standing by your beleifs without selling out. It's about doing whats right regardless what peolple close to you might think or say.

The main thing it's about is controlling your own destiny,and not waiting on others to control it for you.Examples are people like Shwartznagger(spelled wrong),Martin Luther King,Gullinani(spelled wrong again)on 9-11,and many others who can exhibit qualities I mentioned above.


I personally think it all comes down to confidence in yourself and your abilities. An alpha male wouldn't analyse the difference between an alpha and beta male : )


The only alpha male is Chuck Norris.


& Jack Bauer


Did he allow you to say that?


an alpha male is a male who takes charge and leads other people. it has absolutely nothing to do with muscle size or strength, and everything to do with personality and ability to lead people.


Chuck Norris gave me the gift of beard.


I had the hair, but for some unexplainable reason, just got sheared. Took a soaking in cobra venom to soften the strands, but eventualy it became cuttable.

Used to have the Pants you could order from Black Belt magazine too, but that was when I was 13.
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an Alpha Male is always a Leader.
a leader is not always an Alpha Male.


Only because he passed Bob Saget's test of manliness.


Chuck Norris never sleeps. He waits.


This is true. We aren't talking about "leader" in the sense of someone who runs a company. You don't have to be an Alpha Male to get into a position of power. Kissing ass can often place many beta males into that position. In fact, it is more likely that unless an Alpha Male is beyond average in terms of skill, education and intelligence, that he may often NOT be in a position of power despite being in charge of any situations he is placed in.


Alright, thanks for the insight guys. Keep it coming.

PS: When Chuck Norris does pushups, he doesn't lift his body weight up- He pushes the Earth down.


Actually doesn't this occur with everyone, to a very . . . very small degree?


Typically in animal populations the Alpha Male is infact the most physically developed. A bi=product of this size is his ability to remain dominant over the smaller animals in the group...

So it is the size or the attitude/habbits that the size allows?


We are not baboons. Alpha males do not exist among human beings.


An Alpha Male is the meanest, badest toughest, bravest dude in your nieghborhood.


Bullshit. In the instance of an emergency, the guy who calms everyone else down and deals with the situation intelligently is the Alpha Male. If you have ever done any work in a group, you will soon find that someone has to be the leader.

Too many people trying to be leader at once or attempting to do their own thing leads to chaos. The one most skilled with the most leadership ability is the one who gravitates into that role.

One "pop" media example of this is the doctor on the series Lost. He is the Alpha Male because they look to him for leadership (at least as much as I have seen of the first season). To not know this takes place in ALL social circles implies lack of life experience.


To many cheifs, not enough Indians.