Alpha V

My deepest and most sincere!


Ah man, I thought this would be news from the man himself.

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It’s been a while. Anyone still read these things?


Yeah! Good to see ya!

Probably not as many people as back then but if it’s you posting back here, they’d be stupid to not read along.

Very exciting to see you back here, mate.

Oh my goodness it was like Christmas morning to see this thread with activity on it and find it was you. Welcome back brother! Been loving all the YouTube content and seeing how well you have been living and healing


Yes! Still following your journey on YouTube but would love to have you back posting on here as well!

Wow! Good to see ya around. Hope you start posting again.

I thought my phone had a glitch when I opened the forum and saw posts here. There was actual joy when I realized it was legit. Great to see you active again here, hope it’s with some regularity! Keep being you dude.

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Training Logs have kinda taken over as the main discussion point of the forum, and Ik everyone would be beyond excited to have you start logging again. Pretty sure these days you rank among Wendler and CT among most referenced coaches

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Damn I got so used to seeing your content under your real name I allllllmost forgot who Alpha was. Welcome back!

OMG welcome back mate. Some of us crazy old people still frequent these shadowy places.

Many of us definitely following along via your social feeds. Your recover post shoulder op is going nicely. Welcome back!

Yes we are Brian!


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Love the content and e-books you are putting out there. Good stuff. Keep up the good work.