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Brian, have you ever thought of setting up a Patreon? You give out so much cool content and advice for free and I’d love to support you but currently have no need of a program or t-shirt – but I’d happily throw a few dollars a month your way. I’m sure many others are in the same boat.

Going back to my day job and putting my content marketing hat on: you could incentivise people by raffling a custom program/coaching session to all $5+/month subscribers every few months, give the odd t-shirt away each 6-12 months etc.


Buy shirt or program and send to littlesleeper. Problem solved! I hear he could use another Neversate shirt since his wife won’t let him wear them to workout since they are his “only nice shirts”.


lol I also hear simo could use another shirt too!! Just waiting for another free shipping offer to the other side !


Looks like I need to start deadlifiting again seriously.

Badass work Alpha.


@mattjp Yea man, i have but I am not a huge fan of charity. I want to be able to give people something for supporting me. i know I give the videos but I do that to help. If people want to support me they usually just buy a program brother. The Shirts are awesome, but I’ don’t really see much money at all from them. But if they buy a program then that way I can help them, there is a definite connection and we both walk away feeling like we got something.

Believe me, I would LOVE to not have to do other jobs so that I can make this my full time thing, but I am just not a guy who likes to take something for nothing. I feel like I owe them something then. It would help if I were more of a douche that the Youtube crowd liked more…But I just can’t do it man haahha!

@littlesleeper and @simo74 Hahah I like it!

@Bauber Thanks brother, i really appreciate that!

If any of you guys need idea for How, when and why to deload, I put this one out that might help:

And then the power went out at the gym so we decided to learn about Gorillas. Really interesting and terrifying animals!


That makes sense, I know we’re all grateful for the stuff you’re putting out there. You could definitely set up Patreon in such a way that there’s a mutually beneficial relationship there but I hear what you’re saying. I plan to run Dark Horse after the summer and after that will come your way for a personalised program as I look to get more into strongman.


I think the desktop version of YouTube has a way to send Brian money to his YouTube account. I think a few of us did it back when he was going to Nats last time.

I understand where he is coming from not wanting “something for nothing” but I don’t think he quite values the content he puts out for us the same way we do, so sending a few bucks every now and then is definitely something I would consider without him having to do the extra legwork managing a patreon.


I’m running the program now. I would suggest buying the program rather than setting it up yourself.

Having him program metcon and accessory is worth every penny


Sorry Everyone! I HAVE been lifting but life has been crazy to include Jujimufu coming to hang out at my gym for a few days. I’ll catch up with all of you through video! But I really do appreciate all of you who do check them out!