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Brian, have you ever thought of setting up a Patreon? You give out so much cool content and advice for free and I’d love to support you but currently have no need of a program or t-shirt – but I’d happily throw a few dollars a month your way. I’m sure many others are in the same boat.

Going back to my day job and putting my content marketing hat on: you could incentivise people by raffling a custom program/coaching session to all $5+/month subscribers every few months, give the odd t-shirt away each 6-12 months etc.


Buy shirt or program and send to littlesleeper. Problem solved! I hear he could use another Neversate shirt since his wife won’t let him wear them to workout since they are his “only nice shirts”.


lol I also hear simo could use another shirt too!! Just waiting for another free shipping offer to the other side !


Looks like I need to start deadlifiting again seriously.

Badass work Alpha.


@mattjp Yea man, i have but I am not a huge fan of charity. I want to be able to give people something for supporting me. i know I give the videos but I do that to help. If people want to support me they usually just buy a program brother. The Shirts are awesome, but I’ don’t really see much money at all from them. But if they buy a program then that way I can help them, there is a definite connection and we both walk away feeling like we got something.

Believe me, I would LOVE to not have to do other jobs so that I can make this my full time thing, but I am just not a guy who likes to take something for nothing. I feel like I owe them something then. It would help if I were more of a douche that the Youtube crowd liked more…But I just can’t do it man haahha!

@littlesleeper and @simo74 Hahah I like it!

@Bauber Thanks brother, i really appreciate that!

If any of you guys need idea for How, when and why to deload, I put this one out that might help:

And then the power went out at the gym so we decided to learn about Gorillas. Really interesting and terrifying animals!


That makes sense, I know we’re all grateful for the stuff you’re putting out there. You could definitely set up Patreon in such a way that there’s a mutually beneficial relationship there but I hear what you’re saying. I plan to run Dark Horse after the summer and after that will come your way for a personalised program as I look to get more into strongman.


I think the desktop version of YouTube has a way to send Brian money to his YouTube account. I think a few of us did it back when he was going to Nats last time.

I understand where he is coming from not wanting “something for nothing” but I don’t think he quite values the content he puts out for us the same way we do, so sending a few bucks every now and then is definitely something I would consider without him having to do the extra legwork managing a patreon.


I’m running the program now. I would suggest buying the program rather than setting it up yourself.

Having him program metcon and accessory is worth every penny


Sorry Everyone! I HAVE been lifting but life has been crazy to include Jujimufu coming to hang out at my gym for a few days. I’ll catch up with all of you through video! But I really do appreciate all of you who do check them out!




Congrats on the 100k Brian, seems like only yesterday you were at 1k. You thoroughly deserve the success mate, your work to consistently add great content is first class. Looking forward to watching you gain the next 100k.


Thank you so much guys! I cannot believe I actually got there! For any of you who have been here since Alpha’s Work I …That is where it all started. Such a crazy journey hahaha.

As for my own training, I have been able to fit in some OHP and benching days but more like hypertrophy days to try to rehab the shoulder a little bit more.

I am actually finding that using bands on the OHP has made huge improvements in the shoulder, so I am going to keep doing a lot of that.

Oh and also, a World Champion Powerlifter visited the gy and pulled 800lbs hahaha! And i was able to pause a 700lb deadlift. Pretty cool day, here are some of those videos from the workouts and such.

Thank you guys so much for all of the support! i never, ever could have gotten to 100,000 Subs without you guys watching and sharing. man, it means so much.


I am truly happy for your success. I think you really deserve it. All the best going forward, man!


You rock Alpha! So glad to see such a positive force in lifting continue to gain such traction. You’re doing some real good out there.


You’re the man Alpha.
Congrats you deserve it man.
And thanks for the Darkhorse it’s really tough, but I like it.


Hey Guys,
I haven’t been able to train for two weeks because of the throwing up, but I go to a new specialist today so hopefully I will get some new news.

I trained for the first time last night and got an 830 banded Pull which was one or the more gruesome struggles I have had in a bit. In is on my IG for those of you who follow it.

But I have done some teaching vids for those of you who follow them:


You definitely deserve it, man.


Congrats on the 100K! I’m happy to have been one of them.


Add one vote to the people who like the “recent PRs and top sets” video. I think it’s a good way for us to keep tabs on your progress and see it happen. Even though I try to watch your regular vids there’s no way I’m going to remember a PR from 6 months ago


Yer l liked that PR video too. It doesn’t take long to get behind on your vids @Alpha especially with 3 kids to run around after. Finding time to you tube these days isn’t easy. Being able to see how your progressing with you come back was good.