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To any of you looking for a program…Here you go!

Ok Guys, as promised, here is my Latest FREE Strength Program Template. I explain what you need to know and How to Lay it all out. You should have everything you need to build it out and start getting after it! If you find this (or any of my other FREE Strength programing Videos) Helpful, could you please subscribe to my Youtube Channel? I am close to 100K and am Hoping to hit it by my Birthday this Month! Thank you for the Support Everyone!


Man, I can’t keep up with the amount of videos you’re turning out these days!


Soon we’ll see reruns of AlphaTV on ESPN (fingers crossed).


You solved my problem of too much volume and intensity. Savagery needed a direction this helps…


@Alpha sent you an email…


Hey Brian or @Alpha
Been seing your log ever so often. One of the guys I follow said that Alpha just made an insane free program…
So I thought why not. Awesome log man, and you got another subscriber to your channel.
After my 5/3/1 experience I might be on the Darkhorse stuff, looks awesome.
Thanks for putting free stuff up man.


@mr.v3lv3t Yea mna, i am really trying to push that are of the business right now.
@manuelp2 Hahaha that would be awesome!
@losthog That is great brother! I am so glad it helps!
@mortdk Thank you so much brother! That is awesome of you!


“Those who don’t know how to suffer are the worst off.” --Ming-Dao Deng

WEDNESDAY, 09MAY2018 - Work For Today

SQUATS with the Duffalo Bar (Can’t get under a regular one under load with my shoulder just yet)

Started with Pause Squats
Puking begins. Yay
660x1 (PR I Believe)

Said screw it. You are already up here, go for it.

710x1 PR

555x10 Reps


  • 11 Days until I am cleared to lift weights again.

Random's T-ransformation 2018

Thank god, was worried you were gonna be using the pink dumbbells forever.


@theonecamko Hahaha thanks man!

So in this video I sit down with Mile Taylor who is a lifter at our Gym who has CP. it is a Horrible disease but hearing him talk about his training will change your life. Whatever excuses you have just got much, much stupider.


@Alpha that squat PR was pretty crazy to see. Great to see you keep killing it. I repped my NEVERsate shirt on a run at work today, and took lead of the pack so that others could see the back and be inspired to die empty. Also inspired me to go get the tanktop with summer rolling around.

Excited to see what you have coming up next.


@T3hPwnisher Dude that is so awesome man, i so appreciate all that you have done to help me out over the years brother! I can’t tell you how much it means!


Alright, time to catch up on this stuff!

So in this one, I Polled a bunch of people from my gym about what their Top 3 Most Effective Deadlift Assistance Exercises are. here is what they had to say:

Then I have a diet/ Body comp update vid. i am fat, weak and out of shape, but I am better than I was a few weeks ago so it is a plus! Check it out if you want:

And then Finally, we have my my Stone day from Monday night. I was lucky enough to work up to a 400lb stone and give some tips about tacky use.

Last night was benching with the Swiss bar where I worked up to 365 for a single which is way behind where I’d like to be but in hindsight, isn’t too bad. I am going to edit that vid today and will hopefully have it up tomorrow or Saturday.

Thanks for all of the support everyone!


No where near weak, fat or out of shape.


@duketheslaya Yea man, I understand but I would say it is relative to where you are in the journey. To the guys I compete against (To include my old self) this is beyond fat, weak and out of shape. These numbers will get me no where at my level in the sport. Decent for the average person, but a lot of work to be done for the Athlete.


That may be true, but hey you’re setting PR’S and you still have a bit of catchup to do till your old at your old strength levels. I’d call that a win.


Yer pull you finger out Brian for goodness sake !! :wink:

This maybe true but your rate of progress seems pretty solid and very soon the doctor will let you lift again so imagine how much progress you can make then. Keep it up Brian and I have no doubt you will be better than before in no time at all. Just remember “what is, is” you can’t change it, but you can get better every day.


Dont be too hard to yourself man. I admire your ability to push yourself, but dont bash yourself. Give your body some time and he will adapt.


In the one video you mention you think 27% BF is a reasonable estimate for you. I must be at 50% then :slight_smile:

With visible abs I would think you are under 20%?


No way he is 27%. At 20-25 there is zero ab definition for most people. He may carry his fat in the ass or back or some weird place but I would guess13-17%.


Thanks everyone!

For those of you who wanted to see my Bench workout and have something to think out, I just released the one.


Well guys, I trained yesterday as the first day as a free man. I am finally cleared by the Doctors. Soo…I thought it was time to go for a Deadlift PR since I was allowed to lift again. Things got interesting.

And if you guys wanted to laugh and see how I came back from my Recovery, check this one out. Might have some points that will help you.