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Alpha V


@biker Hahaha dude, that stole has her by like 30 lbs! I mean she Squats 275 @105lbs…Monster.

@theBird Great to hear from you brother! And man, as a dude with a toe problem, those are no joke! Heal up brother!


Last week it took me 2 attempts to hit a 300lb Axle Split Jerk out of the Rack.

7 Days later, to the hour, i hit a 315 Axle Continental Clean And Press From the Floor. This made me happy. Progress. But I still want to punch the Log and the Stone in the Face.

It is on Instagram and the video for it should be out this week, but I can’t remember my password so i can’t link it.

But i can give you some sound advice from the crew at Saturday’s Training Session!


So for those of you following my comeback, here are the Axle Continental Clean & Press Reps from the other day. 315 felt good and my shoulder feels good. bueno.


GRIP. SMACK.LIFE. That is all…


Did Cryotherapy for the first time, Ran my first Strongman Comp and Did my First Straight Bar Bench Workout Since The injury!


I am So Proud that I actually got to hold my first real competition! It was SO much more work than i expected but it went amazingly well and I had a blast! I will be holding another one (But at NEVERsate this time) in a few months if any of you want to make the trip to Maryland!


Watched this last night and it looked amazing. The energy radiating off the competitors and those supporting was infectious. Seem like You and the team did a good job Brian. Will this become a regular competition that you run.


Looked like a great competition @Alpha ! Can’t wait to see what else is coming down the pipe for you and your gym.