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@biker Hahaha dude, that stole has her by like 30 lbs! I mean she Squats 275 @105lbs…Monster.

@theBird Great to hear from you brother! And man, as a dude with a toe problem, those are no joke! Heal up brother!


Last week it took me 2 attempts to hit a 300lb Axle Split Jerk out of the Rack.

7 Days later, to the hour, i hit a 315 Axle Continental Clean And Press From the Floor. This made me happy. Progress. But I still want to punch the Log and the Stone in the Face.

It is on Instagram and the video for it should be out this week, but I can’t remember my password so i can’t link it.

But i can give you some sound advice from the crew at Saturday’s Training Session!


So for those of you following my comeback, here are the Axle Continental Clean & Press Reps from the other day. 315 felt good and my shoulder feels good. bueno.


GRIP. SMACK.LIFE. That is all…


Did Cryotherapy for the first time, Ran my first Strongman Comp and Did my First Straight Bar Bench Workout Since The injury!


I am So Proud that I actually got to hold my first real competition! It was SO much more work than i expected but it went amazingly well and I had a blast! I will be holding another one (But at NEVERsate this time) in a few months if any of you want to make the trip to Maryland!


Watched this last night and it looked amazing. The energy radiating off the competitors and those supporting was infectious. Seem like You and the team did a good job Brian. Will this become a regular competition that you run.


Looked like a great competition @Alpha ! Can’t wait to see what else is coming down the pipe for you and your gym.


@simo74 Dude, it was such a great time man! And yep, I think this will be a yearly thing. If you are in the area, you should definitely try to make it out sometime!

@T3hPwnisher Dude hopefully it is another Strongman comp and some more world titles! Hopefully you and I will catch up soon brother! I met Vinny at Nationals, it only stars to reason that you an I need to meet sometime brother!


So from the other day’s workout, here is my 605x2 Beltless, Paused Deadlift. Really didn’t feel too bad! I am cleared in a month, and i’d really like to pull 700 on the day. The will Tell


Hell yeah dude. Hopefully soon. On that note, I gotta thank you again for putting together that Circus Dumbbell Press video. Using the techniques in there, I hit a massive PR at my last competition. It was honestly the highlight of the event for me, as the previous year I was just awful with the implement.


It’s a long way from Melbourne Australia but you never know, maybe I can plan a family holiday that happens to swing past !!


@T3hPwnisher Dude that is so awesome to hear man! I hate that stupid Circus Dumbbell but have had it in enough comps that we at least hate each other less now hahaha…

@simo74 Hahah Well, then maybe when i am in your part of the world brother!


For those of you who need a little bit of bench help!


Absolutely my friend, you ever come down here for the Arnold or a holiday. You have somewhere to stay. Mi casa es su casa.


@simo74 Dude, thank you so much, i may just take you up on that!


Yesterday was my first day back with the front squat. I didn’t even know if I would be able to get into front rack, but as it turns out, i think the atrophy of my bicep and increased (In some areas) mobility of my shoulder actually helped me because I was able to hit 500 for a triple. Check it out of you so wish!


6 Minutes might not be enough to help you save money on Car insurance by switching to GEICO, but it might just help your Deadlift PR. In this video, I explain How…

And in this one was a question…If you could only do one movement for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Taking strength, hypertrophy, agility, conditioning, athletics, etc… into consideration)


Coached my girlfriend at her first competition today, which was a beginners cup. I wore my Neversate shirt and a conpetitor came up to me and told me how he loved your channel and how much he learned from you and how much you inspired him to do strongman.
Pretty cool especially if you think about that this took place in Germany.


@Alpha is truely global, saw a couple suffer beautifully shirts at the Arnold down under.


Hi Brian, been watching your channel since Alan Thrall featured you on his channel.

I just wanted to say thanks for making good content with a positive message.

You are getting your strength back quickly! Hope to see you move the big weights (that front squat counts as big weight) soon!


@Koestrizer Dude that is such an amazing thing to hear! i knew I have a lot of fans from other countries but for them to actually recognize each other and meet because of it blows be away man!

@simo74 Hahah that is so amazing man! That is also like the one place in the world I have never been but REALLY want to! When I do maybe we can catch a training session together!

@mnben87 Man thank you so much for the support and the kind words brother! That means so much man!


Ok guys so here are a few catch up videos:

This one was from my training session on Saturday.

I worked the Log press and was able to work up to a 280 single after a big miss and my wife imitating me and making fun of my weakness…Hahaha it’s in the vid…
Also and post surgery strict press PR of 205x3, Stone to shoulder 300x a billion PR and some farmer’s walk stuff. i actually did a different video edit for the stones so if you guys check it out and like it, let me know.

Then last night, I was sicker than normal. I seriously threw up like 20 times throughout the day, then went to coaching and lifting. but by the time I got to lifting I was running a fever and this is exactly what my warm-ups looked liked:

Puke a bunch
Loaded 315
the act of loading the bar made me puke
walked back to the bar and couldn’t remember if i lifted it.
Walked back outside and puked.
Walked back to the bar and again…was complexly lost.
405x3…wait, I was supposed to do 2.
…It was like that for a while. But I stumbled my way up to a single at 675 on the stiffest bar we have, so that’s a plus! hahaha

I’ll have that video up tomorrow hopefully!


100% mate. If you visit Melbourne I would love to get a session in with you and as I said before if you can put up with 3 crazy kids there is plenty oft room at my place if you wanted to stay.


As promised guys, here is the 675 Pull from Monday

And in this one Master’s Division Champion Maryland’s Strongest Man, David Lee and World Champion Powerlifter David Johns Discuss the challenges and benefits of aging while training and dish out some advice for longevity for younger lifters and those of us somewhere in the middle. Great stuff for Older and Younger Athletes alike. I hope it helps some of you out!