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Any of you guys own or have tried one of these devices.I have just ordered one today and will expect delivery in about two weeks. Im hopeful it might help my longstanding insomnia anxiety state and depression.I will report back to the forum on my experiences once ihave used it for a few weeks.In the meantime iwould be grateful for any feedback from anyone who has used the alpha stim
cheers BRIAN

This was written about in T-mag. Click on “T-mag.com Home” and use the search.

I definetely feel like that alpha stim has helped. I used to be on celexa and wellbutrin but thought that they weren’t doing their job and had to many side effects. And I was right. Celexa zapped my motivation and wellbutrin made me anxious. Right now I am using the alpha-stim 20 minutes a day, taking high doses of fish oil, and tanning once a week. I feel alot better than when I was on the medication. More motivation, energy, better sleep, and less depression.

It worked very well for me. No miracle cure, but definately better than the wellbutrin I tried. Give it time to work, the effects can be subtle. I used the 1hr/day 2 weeks then every other day for 1hr protcol. 20mins didn’t cut it for me. It helped me with the depression and sleep problems more than the anxiety. It also cut my caffine & alcohol cravings. Also, if you purchased it directly from Alpha-Stim you can return it w/in 30 days (less 10% restock) if it doesn’t work for you. It took me almost the full 30 days to realize the full benefits. I was reading or watching TV when using it but I plan to try meditating/deep breathing to see if it helps more with the anxiety. Good luck.

Thanks aload for the helpful advice i will feedback once i have tried the alpha stim for a few weeks
cheers BRIAN

Also check into proper breathing. Do a google search on overbreathing +exercise or Buteyko Breathing. I found out I was a chronic overbreather (but not asthmatic). Always somewhat anxious, frequent cold hands and feet, poor sleep. After just a couple of days of slowing my breathing I’m feeling warmer, more relaxed, and definitely sleeping better. It’s an amazing transformation. Hope it helps you.