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Alpha Male

So I am brand new and about 4 months into a year-long deployement to the Middle-East. I just heard about Alpha Male and was wondering how effective it is. I am starting to train for college football again. I am going to play when I get back and need to put on about 25 more pounds. I am going to play linebacker and weigh about 215 right now. I was in the 240’s but pretty high body fat. how will Alpha Male help my cause? How many servings per day do I take? Will it’s effects be seriously weakened by intense conditioning and sprint work? thanks for the help.

Nevermind. I was not paying attention.

on second thought, my questions about how it would work with my running and sprint work are not answered. Anybody know/ nad how much weight is a good amount to be expected?

You might get your question answered more easily in a thread that directly addresses the question with an appropriate title.

Alpha Male is a testosterone booster. It will not help you run faster.