Alpha Male?

The “Best Supps for the over 35 crowd” got me to thinking, and that thread seems to be pretty dead, so here goes again:

I will be 39 next month, have dropped 60 lbs over the course of the last year and am feeling pretty good. Finished the V-Diet a couple months ago, and my main concern now is lean bodymass gain. This is my second month of taking Carbolin 19; really too early to ascertain effects. I got to thinking, “Am I putting the cart before the horse?”, that is, should my primary supplement be Alpha Male before I go getting all exotic?


I think that is a question that depends on every individual. Is there a reason to think you need Alpha Male?

On the flip side, should you choose to take it, nobody says you have to stop the Carbolin 19. They can be taken together.

If you were to get a blood test you’d know your test levels and remove the guesswork completely…

Odds are good though that they have started to decline somewhat from earlier years.

Maybe give it a try and see if you notice some differences?

Unfortunately economic reality is a factor, (one kid in college, one in private school) so concurrent use of supplements is not always an option, sorta hafta pick and choose.

Testing is certainly a good idea; anybody had any issues with just calling the doc and saying you want your t-levels checked? Not suffering any dysfunction, etc. It seems to me that good t-levels are the foundation for all other supplementation.

My thought is try it out. I’m 28, but felt a great rush after a couple of weeks on it. I felt more aggressive, stronger, and my libido skyrocketed. Workouts have been absolutely great and productive since I started using it. If you’re looking for something to kick start your desire, this may be your legal answer.

Agreed. Buy a bottle and try it. Understood on the economics, which is a valid concern.

[quote]Need4Speed wrote:
Agreed. Buy a bottle and try it. Understood on the economics, which is a valid concern.[/quote]

All it takes is one bottle. You will be hooked.

Alright guys, when I am done with the Carbolin 19, I’ll give Alpha Male a shot.