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Alpha Male


When do you recommend taking Alpha Male? I thought you said to take it at night, but I am unable to find the thread. Thanks for your help!


According to Charles Poliquin, tribulus products are best taken at night. I have personally noticed better results when using it three times during the day (morning, 2 hours pre-workout, evening).



How do you recommend taking Alpha Male? Do you recommend to cycle or just as needed? (for a 38 yr old male normal test levels)


I don't think my other post went through. I want to get a direct comparison between Alpha Male and XPI's Syntheroid. Looking at what the ingredients and what the products are standardized to, it looks like a good product. How does it stack up against Alpha Male. Looking to buy a product today, so any information I can glean will be helpful!


You can honestly never go wrong with Biotest. Best company on the market, they really know how to treat their customers. I hear nothing but good reviews on all of their products, and can testify for the ones I have purchased. Do a search function for the Alpha Male thread, you'll see nothing but good reviews.


I'm trying to grasp at age 34 how test-boosters (Trib and DAA) are best utilized. Are they safe for year round usage with out any negative side effects? Or best take in 12 week stints per year for plateaus short term. To keep levels boosted I would guess you can do 12 weeks on 2 weeks off forever...