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Alpha Male


When just starting out with Alpha Male shold Ifollow the directions on the bottle or can I just take one pill before bed?

Can I take CLA with Alpha Male? I know who should not mix with HOT-ROX.


Should you follow the directions on the bottle...

hmmm, I'm going to say yes.


why can't you mix it with HOT-ROX


See I read where most peple just take one pill beofre sleeping but the bottle says one after waking and one 6 hours later.


Alpha Male already has a full days serving of Carbolin-19. I'm assuming taking them both would exceed the maximum daily allowance.

My personal experience, I would take 2 upon waking and 2 in the afternoon. Thibs suggests to take the full serving right before bed.


It's been stated in other threads that it's ok to take both.


Doing some research I found Tim Patterson saying that they shouldn't be combined. could have sworn I've seen some contributor saying it was ok