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Alpha Male with 6-oxo?


I have recently gotten a bottle of 6-oxo. My question is can this be stacked with Alpha Male? I wouldn't buy the two for the purpose of stacking them, however, since I happen to have both can they be used at the same time. I know that I've heard Alpha Male and M can be used concurrently, even though Alpha Male contains the main ingredient of M I believe. While not the same product, from my understanding, both M and 6-oxo are similar in the fact they are both estrogen blockers. Any insight is appreciated.


There shouldn't be any problems using the two concurrently.


I've heard (don't have any firsthand experience) that 6-OXO causes a pretty severe estrogen backlash after you stop using it. Anyone else have any info on this?


I'm stacking the GNC' Tribustack Tribulus with 6 OXO.

This is my second time doing so.


Questions keep popping up regarding 6-OXO, so here again is the link to the thread in which Bill Roberts and Cy Willson both gave their views regarding this supplement.

I know some of you are using or have used it and like or liked it, so I'm just puttin it out there.