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Alpha Male...What's been Asked?

My apologies but I am under the impression that Alpha Male will promote increased testosterone production and the Carbolin 19 suppresses estrogen in the body.

My question is that with all the changes going on in the body will this throw the bodies natural hormone levels out of whack? May be foolish but I’m curious because I’ve never taken anything more than vitamins, no2, and the occasional creatine.

Just a tad bit timid and the foolishness may be overwhelming but I don’t wanna come out lookin like a female with chest hair.

You won’t get gyno if that’s what you’re asking. NO2 is a joke. Never use it again.

Use creatine year round, no need to load, no need to stop.

yeah, I was kiddin about that part. I only used the no2 about 2 years ago but I don’t use creatine very often. I’d like to know if there are any expected hormonal level differences after cycling off that would cause concern in your body.

None that I know of.

dude you might get tired of the getting narly morning wood but thats about it. Nothing to write home about mate. I hope you have someone to inflict said morning wood on or else you’ll have yourself a dilemma.

Any worries with this product tho? side or anything like that?

[quote]mfzx25 wrote:
Any worries with this product tho? side or anything like that? [/quote]

None…other than increased sex drive. The question has been answered twice.

I did not notice any increased sex drive with Alpha Male at age 32.