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Alpha Male vs. the Others


I have tried the NxCare Nitro T3 I didn't really like it, but I was wondering as for the difference between t3 and Alpha Male will I see a big difference? I know that there are a number of different factors (training, diet, ect ...) that have to do with the end results but in terms of product and quality would I see a big difference using Alpha Male Vs any others that are out there.



I can only tell you about the Alpha Male and that it greatly increases my recovery and energy. It is a VERY high quality product IMO. have not copmpared it to others figure if it aint broke dont fix it.

Just my 2 cc.



I feel Nitro T3 has helped me and I have heard anecdotally that it is one of GNC's best sellers because it does work for a lot of people. However, in my opinion it helps only a little - it's not something that makes a drastic difference.

This web site has helped my hypertropy goals much more than any supplement - at least so far...But I do want to try Alpha Male sometime and see if it has more kick to it...

Btw, keep in mind that Nitro T3 has anti-estrogen, anti-aromatase and anti-DHT products built into it along with the pro-hormonal extracts as well...


A few years ago I tried gnc's version of TRIBEX. I might have well wiped my ass with $40. You might have a better experience than I did. Also Alpha Male is better than TRIBEX. Do the pepsi challenge and try out Alpha Male. I think you'll like it. Plus there is a money back guarantee.