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Alpha Male vs. T-Bomb II


I received my monthly GNC magazine the other day and saw an ad for T-Bomb II. It claims to raise testosterone by 400%. What do you all think of this? It is produced by MHP.




A 400% increase in T would mean that someone starting out with 400 ng/dl would end up at 1,600 ng/dl.

Simply bullshit.


What are the ingredients?



Oh god, make it stop:

T-BOMB II Testimonials

"I've been taking T-Bomb II for about 2 months now... my wife and I can't believe my chest and arm growth. My bench press went from 190 to 275!"--Ken Luppold (via email)

I guess the "via email" supports the whole high-tech feel of the product. After all;
"T-BOMB II - It's Like Testosterone on Testosterone!"

Man, I just wasted time and space with this. But is was worth the laugh.

HoosierFan (via the Internet)


He needed T-Bomb to go from 190 to 275? Did he try lifting weights first?