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Alpha Male Vs Carbolin 19



I have read most of the post regarding Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male, it seems that they both are pretty good products. Right now I can't afford to spend money on both products so what would be the best one to use for trying to obtain the most muscle growth?



If your over 30 Alpha Male, if not then Cabolin 19 is probably better.
I haven't tried either, but both work differently, and each have other benefits than just muscle growth.


Isn't Carbolin 19 usually used as a PCT?


No, it's highly effective and often used independently of other products.



With your goals in mind, I personally would opt for the Carbolin 19.

Hope that helps.


That is sweet. I was thinking of getting Carbolin 19 instead of Alpha Male but somebody told me that it is usually used just after cycles. So since I am 18, it would be better to take Carbolin 19?



Does the Carbolin 19 have the same types of ingredients for blocking estrogen, ect ... like the Alpha Male does?

Thanks again



Carbolin 19 has no such ingredients.



If I desided to go with Alpha Male (right now looking at it from a stand point of not having to buy extra supplements like estrogen blocker, ect..) in your opinion would the results for gaining muscle growth be better than Nxcare T3?



How about both? Works well for me!


Why would you need an "estrogen blocker" while using Carbolin 19?


If you're conserned about estrogen you can stack Carbolin 19 with M. M is inexpensive.



Carbolin 19 does not and can not convert to estrogen.


There's no need for any type of anti-estrogen product while using Carbolin 19.

Again, if the goal is altering body composition, Carbolin 19 is your better choice versus any product that is intended to increase endogenous testosterone production.


Is there a better strength steroid out there than Fina? Especially for the buck?
Brandon Green


This past weekend a number of people noted that I need to talk to you. I am very interested in Carbolin 19...but, I don't know where to find information. I read the blurbs, of course, but I just can't figure how something like this can beat a steroid in a test. Could you either email me or hit my thread (over in "The Over 35 Lifter") with information?

Email: dj84123@yahoo.com

Thank you.

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