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Alpha Male / Tribulus


Im not one to use gear or take PH's. But with that said, I was looking into Alpha Male or something that contains Tribulus for a test booster.

My question is has anyone had any significant gains or positive outcomes from Alpha Male or another product that contains Tribulus? I read on another board that Tribulus is now being said that it doesnt boost test, but then Ive read that some get good gains and lean out, as well as have a libido boost..anyone?


There has been plenty of feedback posted here on peoples results with Alpha Male and TRIBEX and from I've seen it's been overwhelmingly positive. I have had good results as well.

I recommend that you do a search since many people may not feel like replying to the same topic again since this type of question is asked on a regular basis.


I'm happy with Alpha Male, RED KAT, and TRIBEX.


Well Im taking Carbolin 19 now... it looks like you can stack them...if you had to pic one for adding lean muscle, while burning fat I guess is my question, which one would be better.


Carbolin 19.

This has already been covered in the Carbolin 19 thread, I believe.


Carbolin 19 would be the better choice in my opinion.


This Cy guy generally has the right idea :wink:. Plus his name is in blue at the bottom of the screen.


Ok cool appreciate it guys...I was just thinking on raising my T levels up somewhat, but I will stick with the Carbolin 19 for now.

BTW today's Powerful Image is looking nice :slightly_smiling: