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Alpha Male Tongkat Ali and Low Test Questions

  1. does this stuff work more effectivley if you have low levels? I heard things like zma trib etc only really noticed when a guy has low test

  2. how much tongkat is in Alpha Male, is it minor? Is it better i just go for just pure tongkat ali?

  3. is that Sumatra Pasak site the only real source?

  4. what is that Carbolin 19?


if you have low testosterone due to aging, it may have slight benefit...

most test boosters have more of a mood/libido effect than an anabolic one...so if you think this is going to enhance your gains to a significant degree, you are most likely mistaken...

carbolin19 is forksolin with a carbonate ester....It is mainly a fat loss supplement(increases lipolysis), but it can raise testosterone slightly as well...possibly with the other compounds, it may have a synergistic effect...

don't know the answers to the other questions


im 26 but have low test.

would like a boost.


I would try D-Aspartic Acid.

It has increased testosterone by 40% in humans in a recent study. There are users on other boards who have reported increases in testosterone backed up by blood tests.

I would take DAA and see what it does for you in terms of lab results. If you are still unsatisfied with your test level, then i would consider hormonal enhancement under medical supervision if availible.


agreed. DAA has given me a really nice boost. but i need an AI with it, so thats something to consider if the OP tries DAA.

some days like legs or back ill stack DAA+tribulus+mucuna puriens+tongkat+DIM 60 mins before my workout and i get a really nice boost out of it.

edit: and when i got checked before my test levels were 426, which is considered low. havent got them checked with DAA but feel 10000x better.


Where do you get real tongkat ali?

Will ivestigate this DAA, what shall I take with it? I read on here that DIM is bad for you?


ive used 100:1 tongkat ali extract and ive used a root powder. NO difference whatsoever and the root costs $12.99 and last a couple months. just google "tongkat ali passion" its the first website.

DAA kinda fizzled out on me after 4 or 5 days. im VERY disappointed. got better results out of tribulus+tongkat. DIM is not bad for you at all, infact i find it lowers my estrogen better than this "all natural SERM+AI" im currently taking that i shelled out $40 for.


Isnt there a long ass article on t nation saying its bad for you? Also reservatro lcauses cancer :frowning:

Im sreriously baffled on what supplements to take to get my testosterone and bloodflow goin.

fish oil? vit D? Vit K? ZMA? arginine?