Alpha Male to Overcome my Depression?

hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted so I’m hoping I can get some good feedback from everyone who’s tried Alpha Male. I’ve been depressed for quite a while since I was 19, and because of it my sex drive is pretty low and I hardly ever get raging boners anymore. I’m 22 now, and am on anti depressants which have fucked up my drive even more.

I’ve been thinking of ditching the depressants and taking Alpha Male in order to get a greater boost of confidence and more libido. What do you all think?? will Alpha Male be effective for a 22 year old, and will it give my body a “kick start” in producing hormones naturally again, even when I get off Alpha Male??

The effect you might get from AM would be nothing compared to simply busting your ass in the gym and getting your diet in order.

For me the combination of Alpha Male and Rez-V makes me feel good to be alive. Enhanced energy, mood and definitely enhanced sex drive. If your sex drive is that low at 22 I would try the Alpha Male/rez-v combo and if that does not work see your doctor and get your hormone levels checked. Beyond that it is very common for anti-depressants to kill sex drive.

Please be careful coming off the anti-depressants if you choose to do so. Do your research and/or consult a professional on protocols for “ditching” meds. Good luck!

You have to be extremely careful. Does Alpha Male have stimulants in it? Im pretty sure it does. You have to concern yourself with the interactions between supplements and antidepressants. Obviously going off of any antidepressant is stright up stupid. Many anti-depressants are notorious for decreased libido. You may want to ask your doc if Welbutrin would be good for you, as it is one of the few antidepressants to INCREASE libido.

However the younger you are the more dangerous it could be you are still quite young. DO NOT JUST STOP TAKING YOUR MEDS, unfortunately they are a necessary evil, if you feel they are not working or not working as well as they did or you cannot take the side effects talk to your doc about slowly weening off of them and see how your body reacts. good luck, I know how tough it could be…ive been on AD for almost 11 years and fortunately do not have the decreased libido effect. Also mind over matter, you dwell on it too much you will obsess over it and then you are truly screwed.

What’s your diet like?

How much sleep are you getting on a regular basis?

What’s your diet look like?

What kind of training are you doing?

All these things will have the largest impact on your mental health. If all these things are nailed and you’re still having these issues with depression, then yes boosting your test levels naturally may help, and Alpha Male could get you the results you’re looking for as far as that’s concerned, but you should consider a larger scale solution.

Get a sleep aid, (Z12 might work for you) and try to score as close to 8-9 hours of quality sleep a night as you can. Take ZMA along with whatever test booster you’re going to use. On the plus side ZMA helps me get better sleep. The combination of these things will help bosst test and give you a better base for coping with whatever stresses your life is throwing at you.

First, don’t take medical advice from an Internet forum.

Second, are you taking fish oil? Fish oil has been shown to help with depression.

Third, I was “depressed” years ago. Then I realized that I just hated where I lived (Midwest), because it was a fucking stink hole. I moved to Cali, and have been depression-free since. People often blame depressed people for being depressed. Thing is… Some places are just inherently depression-inducing. Live where I grew and tell me you’re not depressed!

Get your hormones checked before you start messing with them at your age. Depression is often a symptom of a larger problem and not an “illness” by itself. I got on thyroid meds and now feel 10x better than I ever felt on AD’s and can also feel emotions other than so-so (is that even an emotion?)

Alpha Male does not have any stimulants in it and I cannot comment on how it makes me feel since I just started taking it and am not depressed anymore.

Go see a doctor that isn’t trying to treat your symptoms and work with him/her to figure out why you are depressed. Check out for a local referral.

I feel for ya and it can be a tough battle. In my opinion there are many factors, and it’s like californialaw said, location alone can do a lot. If you don’t live somewhere south where there is lots of sunlight already, I would recommend getting into a tanning bed at least twice a week. Lay in the ones that last the longest, not the most powerful.

Also getting some natural rays does the body good as well. Even if you are already dark skin, something about those UV rays or the toxins you sweat. THe highest suicidal rate is in alaska for a reason…

I also find diet to play a large role. One milk bearing cows and constantly given steroids so that they produce more milk. This in turn shows up in our milk, whey, cheese, and beef. This then gets into our bodies and fucks everything up. We also have fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides. Some pesticides are actually estrogen that make it so the bugs can’t mate. You also have modern grains, such as bread. If you think about seeds any seed, it is a self preserved life form that is waiting for ideal conditions in order to bloom.

Generally dark/warm/wet ( underground/ spring or summer/ after rain or watering ) condition is when a seed will sprout. It then starts to pull vitamins and minerals from the soil and grows. This is partly what makes modern bread so horrible, because it’s just ground up, and while it obviously isn’t going to sprout in our stomachs some of those chemical reactions still occur. This is also why most breads and cereals are fortified, because they steal so many nutrients from the body. AND the reason why ezekiel bread is so much healthier is that they partly sprout the grains before the bread making process, sprouting turns off a lot of the vitamin and mineral stealing properties of grains.

So what do you do about food. Well first buy organic meats, preferably straight from a farm. If this isn’t possible, then try and rotate your protein sources as much as possible so that you limit your exposure. Buy a bulk protein, if you can get a guarantee the cows aren’t treated with hormones that would be even better, they are out there. Rotate bison, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, ostrich, different types of fish, shrimp, scallops ect. Avoid the fruits and vegetables that are the worse pesticide offenders.
I spray all my produce with a apple cider vinegar and then hydrogen peroxide. It may sound silly, but it takes the waxes off very easily. Last look more into sprouting your grains. I recommend the book nourishing traditions. It was actually very helpful with giving me ideas for weight gain as well. Like a whole carrot cake before bed =)

Another factor you may want to look into is leaky gut syndrome. An unknown fact is about 90% of serotonin is produced in the intestinal tract. I believe l-glutamine and zinc to be the most helpful supplements to repair a leaky gut. Also make sure you chew your food well. Don’t take 2 bites and swallow like I did for years!

If you don’t mind shelling out 4000$ a strongly recommend an ion panel. It’s an extensive blood test that finds any food intolerances, amino acid vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have and much more. If you don’t then you could look into something like the blood type diet as they kind of go hand in hand.

Last make sure you work out for a minimum for 5 hours a week. We were designed to work and work hard. Yet we are becoming lazier and lazier, staring at computer or tv screens. Working out regularly causes many positive hormone changes. I personally found I need 5 hours of hard gym time a week in order to stay mentally positive. Thing is, the more I lift, the more i want to lift.

Pay close attention to your food. It sounds like a lot of work, but depending on the severity of your depression it can definitely be worth it. I been there, and determined to stay away from a pill I read and learned as much as I could. Nothing beats nutritious food, sun shine, and heavy iron. Some ideas may seem out there, but there is plenty of support for all the claims if you just google them. Good luck, hope you start feeling better soon!