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Alpha Male to Canada?

It’s been asked a lot but I haven’t read anything recently about getting Biotest brand supplements across the border. Specifically Alpha Male.

A couple of people that I fight and workout with are all going to make a large order to save on shipping. I know that most of the time if something within a shipment is not allowed to cross the border the entire shipment will be sent back and we might get our money back but that’d still be a hassle.

Can anybody help me out here? Does anybody know if Alpha Male is still making it across the border. I know that yohimbine has been banned in Canada, so will that affect it?

Also how big does an order have to be to throw in some free tshirts? 1000+? Just wondering because it will most likely be upwards of a grand. Thanks in advance.

Nobody has any information on this? Can anybody help?

Well, I think Alberta has some really stringent border guards. I’ve read a lot about how stuff is stopped all the time. In Ontario at least, everything I’ve ordered has come through.

I have ordered MAG-10, Spike, HOT-ROX Extreme, Androsol, plus the normal stuff with no problems.

If you buy $1000 worth though, there may be some issues. Customs may go through that with a fine tooth comb.

Start out w/ a small, personal order and suck it up about the extra shipping costs.

People get illegal stuff in all the time. If I were you I’d just take the risk.

The thing that pisses me off about customs is that you have to pay extra if they decide to randomly search your package.