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Alpha Male Test Booster Questions



Please forgive my ignorance, but I have a couple questions on the above product.
Ive been looking to try something new recently and have stumbled across this and am very impressed by the reviews.

http://www.Biotest.co.uk/testosterone-boosters/Alpha Male.html#furtherinformation

In terms of competing (BB or PL), is this supplement legal? Perhaps its too general of a question, I realise it could be dependent on the organisation etc - however is anyone aware of organisations that flat-out dont allow testostarone boosters?

I really am dense on the whole test boosters subject. I dont really know where they lie on a scale of: gym rat supps to mr olympia steriod cycles.

Any clarification or experiance is greatly appreciated,



It's not like it's an actual steroid mind you, but the ingredients in Alpha Male are noticeable if you're not a young kid with high levels anyway. I'm 38 (almost 39) and I've been using this for the last year or so. The effect on my natural recovery is something I feel makes it definitely worthwhile.

In terms of legality, I am subject to the WNBF Drug testing rules, which are easily the most stringent of all natural BBing federations, and I've had no issues whatsoever.



Thanks for taking the time to respond.

If you wouldnt mind me picking your brain for just another quick question..

In regards to what you said about different potential effects on yourself and someone younger..Ive recently turned 20, and was still contemplating buying it - Do you feel this is unnecessary/ not adviseable? Or perhaps could it be worthwile?

Thank you.


20 is still pretty young, so you probably wouldn't notice a significant difference with Alpha Male or any other Test booster. I'd file it under "unnecessary" for the time being. Not like it's a "dangerous" idea to use one now, just that you probably wouldn't see measurable results unless you had a pre-existing health issue that lowered your levels, which (hopefully) isn't the case.

Using a Test booster at age 30+ is like driving 35mph and then speeding up to 55mph. Using a Test booster just after your teen years would/should be like driving 50mph and then speeding up to 55. Make sense?

On a side note, it's kinda tripping me out that you're using a Nate Green picture as an avatar. Weird.


Right, I see the point you make, certainly seems to make sense and be logical. Tbh I don't have symptoms of low test, and I think I'll leave it.

In response to the avator, Im working towards a 135 one arm snatch - and thus use the pic as motivation - as the 1 arm snatch is awesome.

All though...now you mention it...I can see how it might be a little wierd..but still, thats just more motivation to suceed.


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what ever happened to nate?


"Oh, Nate? Won't see him no more."

Actually, he's been working with Berardi and Precision Nutrition, and still doing his own thing.