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Alpha Male T-Shirts


   Will the Alpha Male T-Shirts eventually go on sale seperate of the supplement?  I'm young, strapping, and don't really need the addition of Alpha Male but I'd love the T-shirt.  it is bad ass.

Agreed! I was just e-mailing them about it and they said they weren’t available for sale. I say show that there’s a market for the t-shirt and maybe they’ll respond. If you want to be able to buy the t-shirt separate from the product, post here.

I want to buy a shirt, it has my picture on it!



I definetly want one!

I get more attention wearing my “Testosterone” shirt than anything else. I think this shirt would be another head turner.

I wear a medium and all they have available so far (w/ the Alpha Male product) is XL.

A Spike shirt would be cool too.